Travel – Korea (Summer)

I`m still on the korean side, if people ask me which country I like better; Japan or Korea.

This time I was “forced” to go to korea, as my 1 year visa in Japan expiered and I had to leave the country once to renew my 3 months in japan. It`s as nice and hot as in Tokyo, though Seoul is much more “foggy/smoggy” as it`s big brother from Japan.
I was living with my nice family in law, everybody typically busy with their jobs, and meeting only at night, cooking,  watching dramas together and then having a drink with father in law, while watching “King of masked singers”

(As for the –don`t ever live with the inlaws- I have to say, it might get bothersome if they are less busy or way more traditional. But as for now I really didnt mind to spend my time together as it was already quite limited anyways)

With another day off, I spent a typical day “in town” with my friend. Having to go to a postoffice, I even had the chance to take those beautiful pictures of the university campus (which is like sooo huge, and even has a lake on its premisis) And of course you shouldn`t miss the chance to buy red-lipstick, honey butter chips and some strawberry slush @ Baskin/Robins which then goes down with some nice kimbap [Korea IS CHEAP if you have yen or eur = another big point for Korea]


Another great feature for my stay was a visit to a beauty palour with Mom – pimping up my feet and a trip to a nearby mountain with Dad – that typical “let`s go up early, climb, have some kimbap, come back,shower and go to work” healthy style – which you sometimes can see in dramas. [  be careful of fathers in law with a selfie stick!!! ]

⇒ And at that point I realized that Seoul is really like “mountains and nature wherever you see” — one of the reasons why I prefer Seoul over Tokyo.

Taking chances and advantage of the small size of this country I decided to stay 1 night in Busan (sounds like a nice movie title and definitely gives you the same feeling)beach, blue sky, what else do you need more !?  It was actually the same hostel (totally recommend it !! ) and the same beach, as we went back in my Korean (Winter) Post.


♥ We Love SongdoBeach ♥ (and Seolbing)


It is a perfect 1st trip with your date – location!! Beach, nice food, things you can enjoy as a couple [proposal bench on top of a small hill inclusive!! ] Talking about food, we simply went into one of the seafood”restaurants” where my friend and I encountered a “feels like home with TV and an arguing couple” shop  (while he was cutting the fresh fish into –sashimi– for us, she was sitting down with us having a cup of soju)

And for those who are not sure about –fly or not fly-, maybe this nice “we all know who it is” guy will help you [ it is Jeju air, return-flight Tokyo-Seoul was about 120 Dollar ]