Random – No Filter

»Walking along Asakusa River [Tokyo]«

(plain shot, no filter – simply lucky with sunlight and clouds)


New Item – ASOS (2018)

Based on the fact that my last post was a delayed summary of 2017, this post might seem quick, but actually isn’t.  ASOS (TALL) & other tall brands sale, again. (and again, very lucky to grab some nice pieces)  This time I also purchased items from ASOS Maternity (Tall) – which, in case I do get pregnant, I definitely would regret not having got my hands on  this great stuff for such small money.
→ [see HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE] »Other posts related to ASOS«]

NOISY MAY tall shirt, grey-print
[size M, soft material] 12€  6€
BRAVE SOUL pullover, pink – for men
[Size M, perfect for ‘oversize’ look] 55€  28€
PULL&BEAR tall shirt, stripes
[size M, nice design] 12€ 8€
NOISY MAY shirt, logo print
[size M, love this style] 17€ 8€
ASOS tall t-shirt, white
[size M, stripes] 8€ 13€
ASOS tall shirt, rib design
[size M, goes great with high-waist] 18€ 8€
ASOS Maternity tall longshirt, print
[size M, ‘coming soon’ slogan] 20€ 10€
ASOS Maternity tall sweatshirt, boyfriend-style
[size M, very cozy] 25€ 14€
ASOS Maternity tall top, chevron-print
[size M, slightly see-through ] 25€ 9€
ASOS Maternity tall dress, cage insert
[size M, bodycon style] 47€ 12€
ASOS Maternity tall dress, colorblock design
[size M, sporty style ] 33€ 15€


Random – Wakasu Seasidepark


With this post we are following my real-time life again. Last week we went for a spontaneous drive to a park called Wakasu Seaside-park. An unknown jewel located only 20min drive away from home and my new fav. spot to go.
There’s a huge park for BBQ and tents, cycling/jogging area and a fishing spot that leads right onto the sea. From there you are able to see  Fuji on clear weather, as well as watch airplanes starting their journey.
You are also able to walk alongside the newly opened (2012) Tokyo Gate Bridge – literally walking on the sea, but it might be a long way to go (bike is recommended)

We were lucky enough to catch sunset alongside clear blue sky, Mt. Fuji in its best light.
The park itself is free, only the parking lot is about 500 yen – quite affordable regarding the fact you can stay all day (closing time around 9pm)

[funny sidenote – the artifical Island everything is located on is called -yume no shima– (island of dreams) but it is basically 100% built on GARBAGE —- Japanese people know how to sell stuff, or where would you rent your apartment? on the island of garbage or dreams?]


Random – Odaiba Renewal


In case you have read my quite long post about Odaiba, you are aware this name goes hand in hand with Gundam fans [me and my husband included]
2017 has been a promotional year for Unicorn Gundam RX-0 (→  based on a novel from 2006 and thus not to confuse with that weird unicorn-hype most of you might associate the word with)


If you are a little into Gundam you know unicorn is bigger, better and more flashy than its standard model most of us know as RX 78-2. So the life-sized previous 18m are now a whooping 20m in height, with attack-mode transformation.
No matter if you are a fan or not, you definitely should come and visit. Odaiba itself remains one of the upcoming places to date and spend a whole day with friends, your lover or family. No matter if it’s rainy or not, you definitely wont regret coming here.


Random – Ghibli Museum


One of my ‘last year‘ posts. Finally oh finally we could make it to go and see Ghibli Museum…..BUT… I was somehow disappointed. You’d expect [especially after closing down the facility for nearly half a year to pimp it] that there are huge Totoro statues or figurines, stuff that kinda -wow-s you…I’d actually expected a tiny version of Ghibli-themed Disneyland kinda thing.

Well, the actually purpose of its creator to ‘make you feel the atmosphere‘ gets transmitted, but overall it was too short for the money and kinda too serious, so I do recommend a visit only if you like museums or have a little baby-child to bring with you (they do get a neko-bus to play with)  OR  if you like parks, as the museum building itself is right in the middle of a huge and relaxing green spot with lake and everything.

-You’ll get to see a 10min mini-movie (Ghibli-style heart-warming story)
-Your entrance ticket is a tiny 35mm film gauge cut-out (random Ghibli movie)
-Location (very nice park and area to have a full-day date)
-Get insight on old scripts and how movies were made (history-wise very interesting)

No pics allowed
No touching allowed (staff that looks closely on every move you make in every corner)
-The movie you saw is only to promote merchandise (again they want money from you)
-It’s quite full and you have to get tickets 3 MONTHS before your visit
-Nothing to actually touch and no kinda real-life sized figurine. Very “serious” for older visitors (only kids -12 get to play with the huge neko-bus)
-Cafe and Shop totally overpriced and waiting time about 1h minimum

[Inokashira Park, Mitaka]


New Item – Pokecolo

It’s not really an item, but one of the cutest games out there.
»Pokecolo by Cocone«
(You need a japanese IP account for Googleplay to be able to download it.)

But be careful! It is like a walking gambling app which will drain all your money if you won’t pay close attention. I simply recommend – never pay, be patient. I also didn’t invest anything and got all that nice stuff.

You can communicate with others on BBs, through 1:1 message, and play gatcha.
[the previous “Pokemini” which was and English version of this game is OFFLINE and will NEVER COME BACK] but certain minis now use Pokecolo and there’s even an english BB available.



Korea – Wedding Ceremony



This post has been long long overdue, I know. So after being married 1 year ¹(now nearly 2) we couldn’t stand the begging of his parents anymore and agreed to have that oh, so important wedding ceremony in Korea. [Some of you might have read this post about my trip to Korea and certain negative experiences towards these wedding ceremonies.]
And though I did keep hopes up, I was rewarded with more chaos than I could ever have imagined. Of course I don’t want to destroy that glam-bam imagine certain drama fans of you might have in their mind. It truly is as glamorous as you will see on TV. The problem actually is, it also truly is as short as in those episodes.

Being European, in my mind something called a “wedding” is full of happy people who actually want to be together and –celebrate– this day until next morning. Music, good food, family and friends – those weddings you see in Hollywood movies. Where romance happens, stories are written, games are played and the newlyweds are happy to have a +/- 0 balance on their account in the end.
Whereas in Korea, it is once and for all only about money. Gather as much as you can and thus invite as many people as you can.

» Taking our own wedding for example:
•As my folks couldn’t come we had a pretty small ceremony where 10% were my husbands friends, 30% family and like 60% people I have never seen before, nor did my hubs (all invited by his parents)
• I have severe makeup allergy – still they covered my face with 2 tons of shades and layers → nobody of my side recognizes me on the wedding picture [here’s a nice shot my hubs calls “before the attack”]

• It was a hell of a struggle to make mother in law understand I wont fit into those rental-wedding dresses the hall provides. Nor did they have my shoe size (I’m 180 and got nice 26.5cm feet) So we did all wearing Hanbok only.
•Weddings are done at wedding halls, where you book plans. We decided to go with the cheapest option and pictures were promised on USB → we only got a printed book and 1 video on USB —  never have seen any pictures as data files (they actually wanted some 300 bucks more – you gotta be kidding me)
•The halls are booked and you literally got 30min maxDon’t you dare to make your speech too emotional and therefore too long – people already payed at the reception and only want to get there free buffet-food; some do go right away, some stand up while the ceremony is still ongoing, some go through it and then kinda run off to stuff their cheeks  – oh Jesus, why can’t they even pretend?
•While you’re at the food-hall greeting everyone, the wedding-hall gets dust-hovered

and prepped for the next couple (there are nameplates and hours in front of the halls so you gonna check carefully which wedding to attend *haha*)

Bottomline: it was a cold-hearted emotioneless (guest-wise) quicky of 25min called “ceremony” and a 35min walking through unknown faces who stuff their cheeks, thanking them for coming.
It is all about money, the point is to have your name and the amount you payed written in that reception book, which kinda forces the wedded couple and family to show up at your families wedding too [not paying less than you gave]

≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡ Sidenote ≡≡≡≡≡≡≡
I love my husband and as he felt the same about this ridiculously way of wasting money, we tried to have at least fun.

♥ playing and joking around while getting dressed
♥ actually preparing a super lovely speech knowing that we listen to each other
♥ looking forward to the food
♥ being proud to have taken “real” pictures in Japan right after our “real” wedding²

♥ escaping right after the ceremony to a nice hotel, ordering chicken and beer
(best reward you can get for surviving all that wedding-hell)


¹^Here are followup posts about –proposal– / –marriage– / –name change– / –photoshoot² that might be helpful