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[While waiting for green light…. Tokyo, Japan]


Random – Gamecenter


After 1.5 years (time really flies…damn) we went to Laketown again. (see this post)
It`s a 500yen one-way direct trip from Skytree and you can enjoy a beautiful date-day.
My actual purpose was to check out some outlet stores. And for the lazy husbands/boyfriends who are not really eager to go to a shopping mall you have your Konami” joker.

I love gamecenters too, so we both had fun. The all-time favorite Mario Kart is irresistible, while we also found one of the newer booths where I took this video. I’m the “first gameboy when 12y/o generationhaving seen pixel most of my childhood. Also not having all the newest tech at home, I still feel goosebumps being surrounded by “VR generation”.

Random – Venting time

I feel this blog needs some rant [to take off this sugary coat of »rainbow unicor adventures]


Sometimes, living here, in a foreign country, I do wonder !! WTF !! …these 3 letters appear constantly in my mind thinking how crappy English is in everyday life. I’m not a native nor do I have the ability to understand every word I hear. But what Japan lacks is basic grammatical knowledge (a huge contradiction to the ‘hell’ they go through, made of grammatical sentences and examples.)

·−> Seems my concern is a recent topic for China; see this news no more chinglish

Tokyo, too, is full of official signs and warning notes, i.e. short sentences — using wrong grammar or totally wrong words. Same goes to product placement and designing.
·→ For example this pocky version which originally should express suki + pocky[I like you + pocky] and thus represent something you give to a person you like/love. Well, if you wanna see a person ‘love laugh’ then just go on, hand it over.


…but still..I feel so sorry for the students here. They endure hell for nothing. I haven’t researched this phenomenon, but it feels like all the info is pressed through their left ear and teachers forget the fact a normal human head has another ear, so info wont stay, but fall out as new one keeps coming.

Movies are another proof of this messy way of treating the English language. It makes you feel as if one guy ‘hears‘ the movie trying to make up sentencesThis website I found today shows the problem persists and got even worse than better, over time.
(e.g. when I went to cinema watching Guardians of Galaxy 2  she said “you`re kidding me” – subbed in jap /you are killing me/↓ )


One thing I learned is that Japanese people still are island people. Who superficiallyaccept‘ cultural differences, but at their core, deep down in their hearts non-japanese (looking!) people will always be non-japanese.[even DNA foreigners who are born and raised here have a hell of a life] On the other hand they try so hard to be ‘american‘(= western) struggling to implement their service-culture into a life, where foreigners are a welcome source of income to keep this country running.

As long as you are a guest here you are the king. But that’s it. You can try as hard as you want, there will always remain a certain “feeling” you are an outsider. And these English signs are subtle reminders… by day.


Rant over.

Random – Birthday Bargain

Time to share my
Secret Birthday Bargains

Free stuff to get during your birthday “month” in Tokyo. »To-Do« Download the respective apps and/or register your email address for the newsletter (it`s some work but quite worth it, especially when you live on the budget side of life here)

  • Royal host: 20% voucher + 10% voucher (max. 8 people)
  • Denny’s: Free birthday desert (see picture) + 10% voucher
  • Jonathans etc.: 20% voucher & 99 yen drink bar
  • Gusto: 20% voucher & 99 yen cheesecake
  • 31 Baskin Robbins: 1 free scoop (no additional order required)
  • Sizzlers: 20% voucher (max 8 people)
  • Domino Pizza: free 1.5L bottle of coke (ordering a pizza)
  • KFC: 2 pieces of chicken free (ordering 6 you get 8)

New Item – Shoulderbag

I finally got my hands on a super cheap bag (actually 2) – if you happen to be in Busan check out their shop. All kind of bags go for 10.000 won (roughly 10 dollar) each. Mine had even a small shoulder-bag included!Both come with zipper + small pocket. [I heavily used both for over 2 months and it’s perfectly in shape as of the first day I bought it]

 10.000 won only
+ made in Korea (!)
+ fake leather but very high quality
+ fits a lot (notebook, some books…)
(shoulder-bag even fits my huge purse, keys and smartphone)

Random – Gokiburi(tale)

So, as you might have read in my other post I’m quite a -souji- (cleaning) lover.
Due to asthma and dust allergy – I already wrote about how to keep those things out of your house (which is quite tricky in Japan; especially on laundry days.)
I got rid of cockroaches, so I thought, but after a nice crispy cold winter they were back again.

Gokiburi-season starts around march/april when the first sun rays warm up your apartment over 20C. I kept thinking and reading and following advice from more experienced japanese people. Here is what I did [»yes, we actually caught a handful huge beasts and made sure they will never enter our apartment again.]

the basic advice is “smell”. But it is primarily to prevent “re-appearance
(keep garbage outside, no water-access, use lavender-based air freshener/soaps/oil, clean regularly…)

Poisoned Baits(ホウ酸 ダンゴ)¹
You know beasts are there, but cant find them? Lay out (very affordable) poisoned baits. They work! [» Jump to: Experience]
One important point is those beasts take the poision home, die and as they feed on each other a whole nest will be destroyed (if any) – baits are small and last 6-8 months. Some key-areas where you mostly forget to put them:

  • under/behind kitchen. Japanese basic kitchens are like a set box. Imagine there are holes (sink pipes) where they enter and leave as they please.
    ⇒ open the sink-pipe cover, put a bait and also seal all holes with THIS
  • ‘inside’ (under) your bathtub. Japanese bathtubs are kinda covered with a square-sized frame.
    ⇒ there is one area to access the pipes. Open it, put a bait in and your done.
  • breaker box! Yes, this little plastic thing is connected to all wires which directly leave the wall through a huge hole
    ⇒ ours was big enough to put a bait. If not, keep at least the breaker box hole sealed so they will never be able to leave.
  • kitchen ‘exhaust/range’ hood. In japan unfortunately its simply a hole in the wall covered by a fan.
    ⇒ clean it thoroughly (especially after moving you might find 10 years of pre-owner cooking fat pasted there) and lay a bait on the “outer” area too

Seal, Seal, Seal
Seal holes (after!) putting baits. If you’re the DIY kind of wife, like I am, all you have to do is order “these 3 things². If you’re not, there is this “easy-seal³ – very simple and good for the work you wanna do. [ –removing old seal– part is a bit tricky, but these handy thing will help you (or your husband/boyfriend/person you bribed effectively)]

As for our home – I haven’t seen any gokiburi for over a month now. I laid out baits, practically turned over all our kitchen while cleaning with this great “renji cleaner” spray that melts old fat and all you have to do is wipe –brown sauce- off (basically) anything [my kitchen sparkles again *woot woot*]

• Regarding baits, they DO WORK

⋅→ first night. They apparently ate from the baits, as there was fresh poo (black long stains) everywhere in the kitchen (maybe those baits kinda made them not hold it any longer *gross*)
⋅→ second night. I caught a huge beast drinking water, that I didn’t wipe off our sink – but the poison made it less fast (easy catch …for my husband though)
⋅→ third night. we were happily watching our TV show in the living room, when another huge beast walked in kinda bored….as if it wanted to say…(totally high) “yo, folks…kitchen is so dark and silent…wanted to check you guys out here” (another easy catch ….for my hero-husband)
⋅→ forth morning. I check the baits and saw one sitting under our oven in the kitchen…not moving, but still alive (this one had definitely an overdose ….Mr. Cucaracha could just take and dump it with eyes half-closed)
⋅→ the fifth night. was a bit gross as two mega-monster drowned themselves? One in our shower drain (which is covered by a net to prevent hair from plugging the pipes…still a mystery how it got there.) whereas another one was going for a swim in the toilet but too high to leave? (my –now I know why I married you for– husband was pleased about less work)

… hopefully this will be the end of our La Cucaracha- Fairytale.

P.s. as my husband wasn’t aware of the fact:
La Cucaracha is spanish for cockroach.
Yes, it’s not a love song for a girl named cucaracha (korean version!)
↑ that one actually made my day *LOL*

²[Silicon Remover] [Silicon] [Silicon-Gun] ^