Random – PetMania


I love animals especially cats !! There was this episode of life where I found one on the street. An abandoned cat. I was 8 the cat was 1. I gave him a name and shelter/food plus the luxury-life of  come&go as you like service as we used to live on the countryside.
» when •Samson• (named after the huge bear of sesamestreet (similiar colour and size) left me he did it on free will [stopped eating] he was 23 and I was 30  !! [Though this happened some years ago I`m still on the verge of crying]

My mom found a new cat and we have a good connection but it`s not the same. Cats have their own character and Samson was special. Momo, the new one, is quite funny too on his own terms and though I`m home only once or twice a year, he still makes me laugh a lot and remembers me.


 [He got this –dont touch me– kind of relationship,  snuggeling near me in secret ….]

They are quite similar on what they believe is funny. Samson used to “hide” veeery bad and Momo kinda loves to sneak upon people from behind. That`s why I call them “Ninja-Cats” ….

Travel – Disneysea

tokuno060…and there are those days where your husband turns into one of those cute “I wanna eat you uppets standing in front of you saying “wanna go to Disneyland tomorrow?”
Knowing he went there more than once, I didn’t wanna bother him too much with my urge to spend a more than cliché couple-day at this facility.

Japanese people know how to exaggerate in many ways, so do they at Disneyland/sea. Somehow this fantasy escape mini-country has the non-spoken rule of “go as a couple” not only for couples itself but also for friends, families, pets and whatnot.
[At this point I’m happy my hubby does appreciate my against the crowd” principle, which made us the coolest couple with the even better couple “outfit” represented by our 2 wedding rings

One thing which is cute and sad at the same time is his inability to take nice pictures. His smile in reality makes you fall for him within 2 seconds most, BUT on pictures he has this horse-smile….you laugh and it is adorable indeed but… —- OR — his serious face which is like too serious [people wont believe me when I tell them I fell in love with him because of his smile]


»Disneyland Paris, 16 y/o  »Disneyland Tokyo 32 y/o – quite a gap. I was shocked how crazy people are about it and how prices went up (I believe he payed about 7000 yen for 1 ticket) you can stay the whole day, but food and drinks are expensive too. Good rides make you wait for hours, so we decided to go with the flow. And I had even more fun with those “childishsubmarine and dancing boat Aladdin rides. ♥

By bus from our (perfectly located home) it is a 50min ride – much better than train, and you are kinda able to relax after a veeery long –walking– day.

Random – Sampou Time


To sum up all these smaller walks on our weekend trips, I decided to make a collective post about it.


Some walk near German Embassy (sky-blue pics) and near Ayasae (sky-gre pics)


If you think Mandarake in Shinjuku is -wow- then you definitely should pay Nakano Broadway a visit!  It is Mandarake-Mania combined with food stores, cafes and a market-like shopping street on the B1 level. Anime, Manga, Merchandising…you will find it here

One of the best fastfood curry in Japan are made here. I am convinced exactly WHY the kitchen looks like that makes the curry taste so good. Its  katsu-kare so you get some fried meat on top. ♥ Go Go Kare  Go Go  GO THERE ♥


Travel – Korea (Summer)

I`m still on the korean side, if people ask me which country I like better; Japan or Korea.

This time I was “forced” to go to korea, as my 1 year visa in Japan expiered and I had to leave the country once to renew my 3 months in japan. It`s as nice and hot as in Tokyo, though Seoul is much more “foggy/smoggy” as it`s big brother from Japan.
I was living with my nice family in law, everybody typically busy with their jobs, and meeting only at night, cooking,  watching dramas together and then having a drink with father in law, while watching “King of masked singers”

(As for the –don`t ever live with the inlaws- I have to say, it might get bothersome if they are less busy or way more traditional. But as for now I really didnt mind to spend my time together as it was already quite limited anyways)

With another day off, I spent a typical day “in town” with my friend. Having to go to a postoffice, I even had the chance to take those beautiful pictures of the university campus (which is like sooo huge, and even has a lake on its premisis) And of course you shouldn`t miss the chance to buy red-lipstick, honey butter chips and some strawberry slush @ Baskin/Robins which then goes down with some nice kimbap [Korea IS CHEAP if you have yen or eur = another big point for Korea]


Another great feature for my stay was a visit to a beauty palour with Mom – pimping up my feet and a trip to a nearby mountain with Dad – that typical “let`s go up early, climb, have some kimbap, come back,shower and go to work” healthy style – which you sometimes can see in dramas. [  be careful of fathers in law with a selfie stick!!! ]

⇒ And at that point I realized that Seoul is really like “mountains and nature wherever you see” — one of the reasons why I prefer Seoul over Tokyo.

Taking chances and advantage of the small size of this country I decided to stay 1 night in Busan (sounds like a nice movie title and definitely gives you the same feeling)beach, blue sky, what else do you need more !?  It was actually the same hostel (totally recommend it !! ) and the same beach, as we went back in my Korean (Winter) Post.


♥ We Love SongdoBeach ♥ (and Seolbing)


It is a perfect 1st trip with your date – location!! Beach, nice food, things you can enjoy as a couple [proposal bench on top of a small hill inclusive!! ] Talking about food, we simply went into one of the seafood”restaurants” where my friend and I encountered a “feels like home with TV and an arguing couple” shop  (while he was cutting the fresh fish into –sashimi– for us, she was sitting down with us having a cup of soju)

And for those who are not sure about –fly or not fly-, maybe this nice “we all know who it is” guy will help you [ it is Jeju air, return-flight Tokyo-Seoul was about 120 Dollar ]


Random – Takadanobaba


Actually this area is more close to Waseda, but I love to write the word Takadanobaba. It is one of those sunday-strolls-grab-some-food-and-head-back-home-again things, which are the best for people like me and my fiancee.

Baba, as we shorten it, is close to Waseda, so basically you might call this area “for students” We used to live right at a big crossing, which is less nice at night; and the fact that there is a hospital on the one side and a police station  on  the other, is (no matter how much we loved the –any kind of food stores within 5min walk-) one of the biggest reason why we moved back to downtown (oshiage)


As I`m behind my posting schedule I simply add some more pictures and let those talk (if you keep your eyes up you can find curious things in this big city djungle))