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[While waiting for green light…. Tokyo, Japan]


Travel – Korea (Summer) 2


And well, now that I`m married to a Korean, I do fly more often to this country than expected. [other posts here, here and here] This time we went due to 2 weddings of a university friend of my husband as well as a relative of ours. I got a bitter-sweet taste of what those “weddings” actually mean and how they are culturally implemented in everybody’s hearts.

Honestly it would be a less positive post if I kept rumbling on how heartless and cold those assembly-line wedding “procedures are (people didn’t even shut up while ceremony already started) Where the only purpose is to “get your money back from all those married ones” (as you too, invested in their weddings as a guest)  This being actually the main point – and a reason why we have our “ceremony” 1.5 years AFTER our actual wedding. [Anyway, I hope it’s over soon and we somehow manage to keep debt as low as possible.]

Fun part: Korea – yeay – I love summer in Korea…..well, I did. Last year. But this year was hell. Air pollution was on its peak during our 2 weeks stay, and (being allergic to dust) I went all the way: sore throat, pimples, itchiness, swollen eyes, cough, runny nose, asthma……Korea would be a great country regarding nature. But pollution (which is not Chinas fault alone) reminds me what a gem other countries are (Canada, Germany etc. )

» As for the wedding, there is this “being forced to treat friends for cafe/dinner to hand them invitation over”- kinda thing…….so we ended up having dinner or lunch with a lot of people. The best (only?) day I really enjoyed was date-day on a pollution-free (thanks wind!) day. Going to the recently inaugurated Seoul towerA beautiful lake, some cold drink, my husband, and fresh air to breath. These are the things that make me happy, and I`m glad my husbands opinion coincides.

Some other day we went all the way down to Busan again, for his cousins wedding. Family chaos all over again (I even don’t have names for those 5th line-cousin on mothers side (guess in Korea it’s a “Family tree”  “Family Tumor” ….add korean names and you know the mess I felt I was in.)  In Busan we successfully escaped family and checked in in my fav. Yellow Hostel at Yongdo Beach (see this post) and had a nice walk at the beach; and the next day a rainy train-ride home.

This time was more a “real lifeexperience. And yes, it’s not all happy-go-lucky lovey-dovey family. It’s “real” it’s “life”. But one should not forget you marry only one person (not the whole family)  → I’m glad I made this choice, I love my husband. That’s enough.

Random – Gamecenter


After 1.5 years (time really flies…damn) we went to Laketown again. (see this post)
It`s a 500yen one-way direct trip from Skytree and you can enjoy a beautiful date-day.
My actual purpose was to check out some outlet stores. And for the lazy husbands/boyfriends who are not really eager to go to a shopping mall you have your Konami” joker.

I love gamecenters too, so we both had fun. The all-time favorite Mario Kart is irresistible, while we also found one of the newer booths where I took this video. I’m the “first gameboy when 12y/o generationhaving seen pixel most of my childhood. Also not having all the newest tech at home, I still feel goosebumps being surrounded by “VR generation”.

Health – Mt. Tsukuba


Yes, another mountain post. We went to Takaosan (see post) last year during a national holiday…and have learned a big lesson. Which made us go on a weekday this time.

Mt. Tsukuba(筑波山) is located a nice 1 day-trip (drive) north of Tokyo. Even you are not the hiking type of person you might wanna go there as you have not only the option to ride a rope-way up to the top. But beautiful forest/flower parks and a really old impressive temple (筑波山神社) at the foot of the mountain are worth the visit anyway. (We decided to climb as far as we could, but gave up halfway. No pictures of mountain top, unfortunately.)

• To make your day perfect you can grab some snacks at a convenient store and walk around “Lake Kasumigaura¹, which is located on your way to/back from Mt. Tsukuba. It’s Japans 2. largest lake ! Check out the pictures ↓ for a preview and start packing 😉

We had best weather and pics turned out as wonderful as the scenery felt. Totally a secret “must go” for you (if you wanna escape Tokyo prefecture as a whole and check out ‘Ibaraki‘ a little)

P.s. There is a quite funny story about why Tsukuba is so green and full of life, while Fujisan is cold and deserted. Check it out – history can be fun.

Tsukubasan[筑波山, Ibaraki]
¹Tsuchiura [ 霞ヶ浦, “Kasumigaura Bay”]^

Random – Venting time

I feel this blog needs some rant [to take off this sugary coat of »rainbow unicor adventures]


Sometimes, living here, in a foreign country, I do wonder !! WTF !! …these 3 letters appear constantly in my mind thinking how crappy English is in everyday life. I’m not a native nor do I have the ability to understand every word I hear. But what Japan lacks is basic grammatical knowledge (a huge contradiction to the ‘hell’ they go through, made of grammatical sentences and examples.)

·−> Seems my concern is a recent topic for China; see this news no more chinglish

Tokyo, too, is full of official signs and warning notes, i.e. short sentences — using wrong grammar or totally wrong words. Same goes to product placement and designing.
·→ For example this pocky version which originally should express suki + pocky[I like you + pocky] and thus represent something you give to a person you like/love. Well, if you wanna see a person ‘love laugh’ then just go on, hand it over.


…but still..I feel so sorry for the students here. They endure hell for nothing. I haven’t researched this phenomenon, but it feels like all the info is pressed through their left ear and teachers forget the fact a normal human head has another ear, so info wont stay, but fall out as new one keeps coming.

Movies are another proof of this messy way of treating the English language. It makes you feel as if one guy ‘hears‘ the movie trying to make up sentencesThis website I found today shows the problem persists and got even worse than better, over time.
(e.g. when I went to cinema watching Guardians of Galaxy 2  she said “you`re kidding me” – subbed in jap /you are killing me/↓ )


One thing I learned is that Japanese people still are island people. Who superficiallyaccept‘ cultural differences, but at their core, deep down in their hearts non-japanese (looking!) people will always be non-japanese.[even DNA foreigners who are born and raised here have a hell of a life] On the other hand they try so hard to be ‘american‘(= western) struggling to implement their service-culture into a life, where foreigners are a welcome source of income to keep this country running.

As long as you are a guest here you are the king. But that’s it. You can try as hard as you want, there will always remain a certain “feeling” you are an outsider. And these English signs are subtle reminders… by day.


Rant over.

Health – Hitachi Seaside Park

I feel like my trip-posts have become less and less. And it is definitely true.
We do travel less due to some big changes in our life. Decisions had to be made, planes had to be flown. But still I insist on some longer trips at least once a month. So here we go »


There is this famous ‘flower park‘ which tends to be (believe it ore not) more crowded than Tomorrowland¹ on a weekend [golden week being the ultimate long holiday-thing in japan + blooming spring season] Anyway, we managed to go on a Thursday noon instead, the weather a bit rainy too made us have the park for us (and some 10 other people) alone.

• What the park is most famous for are those blue/violet hills – some 5 hectare of “Nemophila². Though, weather was a bit rough, I could take some nice shots But the blue eyes are not the only thing the park has to offer.

I saw poppy in all kind of colors (up to now I only knew about red one, in Germany) enjoyed huge areas of plain grass »« trees »« forests »« bridges »« hidden theme-park and roller-coaster …..PURE NATURE (which is so rare, especially when you live in Tokyo)

The park itself is quite far from Tokyo (speaking less about distance; more about the time you need to get there) but having the sea on one side and costco/outlets/coffee shops on the other side makes it worth the trip.

国営ひたち海公園 [Hitachi Seasidepark, Ibaraki]

²[Nemophila in german is called “Hainblume” (grove-flower)]^
Actually Hain has its origins dated back hundreds of years ago, so it’s a very old word we don’t use anymore.