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[While waiting for green light…. Tokyo, Japan]


New Item – Shoulderbag

I finally got my hands on a super cheap bag (actually 2) – if you happen to be in Busan check out their shop. All kind of bags go for 10.000 won (roughly 10 dollar) each. Mine had even a small shoulder-bag included!Both come with zipper + small pocket. [I heavily used both for over 2 months and it’s perfectly in shape as of the first day I bought it]

 10.000 won only
+ made in Korea (!)
+ fake leather but very high quality
+ fits a lot (notebook, some books…)
(shoulder-bag even fits my huge purse, keys and smartphone)

New Item – Logicool

Seems this is a asian release only? I couldn`t find data on this one online.
People, believe me:  being a heavy user this scrolling wheel is porn!!It has a smooth glide instead of the rough crack-crack auto stopper [which makes your finger enjoy the same feeling as rollerskating on some freshly poured asphalt]. And again, loving the color ⇒  a mini ferrari for your hands it is.



©Logicool M546 [`redemption`red]

New Item – Asus Netbook

My former netbook said its last farewell to me. And I became a (too heavy) user of my husbands netbook, which led me to the simple solution to buy one for myself ¹(to avoid further “but you”`s). It`s small and full of junk but if you clean it properly you get a 4GB speedy netbook with about 12GB free space.  (The perfect mouse completing my new life oversees is this mouse.)

[• One tip: HQ more than 65000 frames might kill the RAM so be sure to keep your movies on a slower base. I tested 1080p up to 55000 frames and it worked just fine!]
[•  Tip 2: Sound. Some light 2.1 speaker or headphone and you`ll be happy.]

©Asus E-200H 4GB gold (japan release)