New Item – ASOS (2018)

Based on the fact that my last post was a delayed summary of 2017, this post might seem quick, but actually isn’t.  ASOS (TALL) & other tall brands sale, again. (and again, very lucky to grab some nice pieces)  This time I also purchased items from ASOS Maternity (Tall) – which, in case I do get pregnant, I definitely would regret not having got my hands on  this great stuff for such small money.
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NOISY MAY tall shirt, grey-print
[size M, soft material] 12€  6€
BRAVE SOUL pullover, pink – for men
[Size M, perfect for ‘oversize’ look] 55€  28€
PULL&BEAR tall shirt, stripes
[size M, nice design] 12€ 8€
NOISY MAY shirt, logo print
[size M, love this style] 17€ 8€
ASOS tall t-shirt, white
[size M, stripes] 8€ 13€
ASOS tall shirt, rib design
[size M, goes great with high-waist] 18€ 8€
ASOS Maternity tall longshirt, print
[size M, ‘coming soon’ slogan] 20€ 10€
ASOS Maternity tall sweatshirt, boyfriend-style
[size M, very cozy] 25€ 14€
ASOS Maternity tall top, chevron-print
[size M, slightly see-through ] 25€ 9€
ASOS Maternity tall dress, cage insert
[size M, bodycon style] 47€ 12€
ASOS Maternity tall dress, colorblock design
[size M, sporty style ] 33€ 15€



New Item – Pokecolo

It’s not really an item, but one of the cutest games out there.
»Pokecolo by Cocone«
(You need a japanese IP account for Googleplay to be able to download it.)

But be careful! It is like a walking gambling app which will drain all your money if you won’t pay close attention. I simply recommend – never pay, be patient. I also didn’t invest anything and got all that nice stuff.

You can communicate with others on BBs, through 1:1 message, and play gatcha.
[the previous “Pokemini” which was and English version of this game is OFFLINE and will NEVER COME BACK] but certain minis now use Pokecolo and there’s even an english BB available.


New Item – Asos again


I know I repeat myself, but …. I love ASOS (TALL) – especially during sale (if you are lucky and fast) you can get pieces of great quality to a more than low price
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ASOS shirt, mustard
[size M, strechy material]  9€  4 €
MONKI pullover, red – very comfy
[Size M, perfect for snuggling]  39€  21€
ASOS Tall  t-shirt dress, bondage
[size M, loving the color]  34€  18€
ASOS Tall  Sweatshirt, grey asymmetric
[size M, asymmetric detail ]  35  21€
ASOS Tall  cardigan, grey with pockets
[size M, sleeves LONG ENOUGH!] 28€ 10 €
ASOS Tall  long dress, flower-print
[size M, double layer]  60€ 22€
Misguided  Blouse, short/wrap
[size M, have G cup, still fits perfectly!]  28€  12€
Anna Field  slipper, black
[size 41, mini karate fighter] 18€  10€
ASOS Tall  t-shirt loose, thin material
[size M, good for workout]  15€  9€
ASOS Tall  t-shirt dress, thick material
[size M, good quality, no see-through ]  21€   12€
ASOS Tall  sweatshirt, cropped – grey
[size M, good for waist pants] 23€  9 €