Travel – Berlin


So this is one extra part of our long trip to Germany [follow this link]Berlin. “Die Hauptstadt” (the capital) which sometimes even Germans forget about (Munich has a pretty strong image globally and is denominated “capital of hearts” fyi)

It was a very short 1 night 2 days trip – thus pictures are limited. But here are some keywords you can expect in this city.

  • cheap [er than Munich]
  • dirty&dangerous [more than other cities]
  • fresh [in any way – people, parks]
  • steeped in history [not only the wall and “Ampelmännchen”]
  • salty taste [compared to southern Germany]
  • easy going [compared to snobbish Munich]
  • chocolate sweet [Ritter Sport and Rausch headquarters]

Overall the rainy weather made us visit some great inside places.
Computer-game Museum! (very recommended though a little expensive)Chocolate FabricComic Stores Sightseeing Tour
(regarding the last point, I do recommend: simply buy a day-ticket and hop on/off the Line 100! you’ll see all important points like the gate, checkpoint charlie, Reichstag, Zoo and many more)


Travel – Germany 3.0


So this time fortunate circumstances made us able to stay some weeks in Germanytogether! Which is not easy for a couple like us.
On the one hand it was pure stress (especially for me, preparing everything – you may have read the post about our Korea – Wedding Ceremony which happened just right before this trip) on the other hand I am so happy my hubs got the chance to actually get a taste of what it means to live in Germany. [bottom-line: he liked it *woot woot*]

As we spent more time, we also got lucky with cheap bus/train tickets – thus traveling to Prague, Friedberg and Berlin [each got their own little post]

Overall we…

had fun enjoying nature – my hometown is located within Bavarian national park, wild animals and nice mountains. [the orange circle on this topographic map]

alpine slides¹ are so fun in summer. We also visited the upside-down house and this very nice Treetop walk. While donkey, bee and wolves greeted us occasionally.

were able to visit Oktoberfest – a festival citizens rather avoid. But hey, a first is a must.

skyfall¹ gave us a taste of James Bond. 80m free-fall. Actually the view (seeing the alps) was worth it.
The rest was walking around; Oktoberfest got too touristy, pricey and not fun compared to 20 years ago.

could enjoy family time – my cat MOMO loved him, as did my best friends child

→ the town my brother lives is quite rural, but hey, you get real skeletons in monasteries and an airplane museum right next to it.

¹ ger: Sommerrodelbahn [if you like long words]

Random – Odaiba Renewal


In case you have read my quite long post about Odaiba, you are aware this name goes hand in hand with Gundam fans [me and my husband included]
2017 has been a promotional year for Unicorn Gundam RX-0 (→  based on a novel from 2006 and thus not to confuse with that weird unicorn-hype most of you might associate the word with)


If you are a little into Gundam you know unicorn is bigger, better and more flashy than its standard model most of us know as RX 78-2. So the life-sized previous 18m are now a whooping 20m in height, with attack-mode transformation.
No matter if you are a fan or not, you definitely should come and visit. Odaiba itself remains one of the upcoming places to date and spend a whole day with friends, your lover or family. No matter if it’s rainy or not, you definitely wont regret coming here.

Random – Ghibli Museum


One of my ‘last year‘ posts. Finally oh finally we could make it to go and see Ghibli Museum…..BUT… I was somehow disappointed. You’d expect [especially after closing down the facility for nearly half a year to pimp it] that there are huge Totoro statues or figurines, stuff that kinda -wow-s you…I’d actually expected a tiny version of Ghibli-themed Disneyland kinda thing.

Well, the actually purpose of its creator to ‘make you feel the atmosphere‘ gets transmitted, but overall it was too short for the money and kinda too serious, so I do recommend a visit only if you like museums or have a little baby-child to bring with you (they do get a neko-bus to play with)  OR  if you like parks, as the museum building itself is right in the middle of a huge and relaxing green spot with lake and everything.

-You’ll get to see a 10min mini-movie (Ghibli-style heart-warming story)
-Your entrance ticket is a tiny 35mm film gauge cut-out (random Ghibli movie)
-Location (very nice park and area to have a full-day date)
-Get insight on old scripts and how movies were made (history-wise very interesting)

No pics allowed
No touching allowed (staff that looks closely on every move you make in every corner)
-The movie you saw is only to promote merchandise (again they want money from you)
-It’s quite full and you have to get tickets 3 MONTHS before your visit
-Nothing to actually touch and no kinda real-life sized figurine. Very “serious” for older visitors (only kids -12 get to play with the huge neko-bus)
-Cafe and Shop totally overpriced and waiting time about 1h minimum

[Inokashira Park, Mitaka]

New Item – Pokecolo

It’s not really an item, but one of the cutest games out there.
»Pokecolo by Cocone«
(You need a japanese IP account for Googleplay to be able to download it.)

But be careful! It is like a walking gambling app which will drain all your money if you won’t pay close attention. I simply recommend – never pay, be patient. I also didn’t invest anything and got all that nice stuff.

You can communicate with others on BBs, through 1:1 message, and play gatcha.
[the previous “Pokemini” which was and English version of this game is OFFLINE and will NEVER COME BACK] but certain minis now use Pokecolo and there’s even an english BB available.