Random – PetMania


I love animals especially cats !! There was this episode of life where I found one on the street. An abandoned cat. I was 8 the cat was 1. I gave him a name and shelter/food plus the luxury-life of  come&go as you like service as we used to live on the countryside.
» when •Samson• (named after the huge bear of sesamestreet (similiar colour and size) left me he did it on free will [stopped eating] he was 23 and I was 30  !! [Though this happened some years ago I`m still on the verge of crying]

My mom found a new cat and we have a good connection but it`s not the same. Cats have their own character and Samson was special. Momo, the new one, is quite funny too on his own terms and though I`m home only once or twice a year, he still makes me laugh a lot and remembers me.


 [He got this –dont touch me– kind of relationship,  snuggeling near me in secret ….]

They are quite similar on what they believe is funny. Samson used to “hide” veeery bad and Momo kinda loves to sneak upon people from behind. That`s why I call them “Ninja-Cats” ….

Travel – Kagoshima

kagoshima004Our trip back [from Amami / Tokuno]to Kagoshima was by boat or to be more exactly with “A-Line” (Ferry)¹ my first trip ever on water.. And I totally love the smooth ups and downs…..makes me feel I`m sleeping on Totoros Belly

Luckily I could have a glimpse into one of the 1st class rooms. Add a kitchen and you have our 2LDK in Japan *sarcastic laugh* as for me I actually had booked the cheapest dorm -tatami-side-by-side- place, which I think is enough (you can walk around anyway) …it`s like a little hotel with reception, restaurant, places to sit etc. Very comfy I totally recommend the boat trip at least in one direction.

Kagoshima is lovely. A big city but I had the feeling it is less suffocating than Tokyo. If I had to stay for longer it would be on my top 3 list for sure. Why it`s not my first choice might be based on the fact you sleep right next to an active vulcano.  Also, the blog title rather be –24h in Kagoshima

»from ferry to hotel » to some 3h exploring the city » to Hotel / sleepover / and right to the airport after a delicious breakfast.

This area is famous for certain fruits and (as you can see on the pictures) for Kurobuta [berkshire pigs] – they still have a Tram system which reminds me of Germany a LOT. As for the hotel I stayed, it was the first timeever– that I felt like a place offers “european sanitary standard” ; Japanese tend to be quite dirty especially about dust and mold.
⇒ Totally recommend ‘Richmond Hotel(if you are lucky as me you can catch one of the 11. floor corner rooms for only 50 bucks)


[A-line Ferry information]

¹Important: ^there are TWO companies providing rides every other day, so basically you can come/leave islands every day!  Be aware of the ‘timeshift’ as one ride from/to kagoshima/okinawa and vice versa includes a change of dates (made me miss my boat once!)

Health – Hatonomorihachiman Shrine


What a name! I ‘ignored‘ this shrine a lot last year, passing by without even looking more closely. But yesterday work brought me and my husband there and we took the chance and enter the shrine area.

It is quite small but has a very calm and beautiful atmosphere [one of the reasons why there is this glass building for Weddings and other celebrations]  Winter is finally over and the first colors appear. I`m sure you won’t regret a visit (as the area where it is located is also famous for being so different to Tokyo — it`s a bit upper class (similar to Aoyama or Daikanyama) and you can see many unique buildings and eat unique food.


[鳩森八幡神社 Hatonomorihachiman, Sendagaya]

Travel – Tokuno Island

tokuno020Though this island is smaller than the one I have been before (see this post: Amami), it definitely feels bigger. Here, again, I recommend to get an international drivers license to be able to rent a car, which you need if you wanna see more than your hotel. As for my stay I was lucky – my husband staying for business provided me free stay and him being the driver – [Part THREE here]

Many foreigners are more familiar with –Okinawa[the ‘last stop’ of your island-hopping trip] which might be nicer in general but Tokunoshima’s flair is based on the fact, that I was the only “western” person wherever I went.
»By ferry it takes quite a while from Kagoshima and I definitely recommend the propeller-adventure from Amami to Tokuno with JAL/JAC. (“US-President visits foreign country descending the airplane stairs” – feeling included)
Our resort were we have been staying is one of those relaxed “we are all family” kind of types. If you are here during winter like we were, you might be sharing this facility with a bunch of Korean and Japanese marathon athletes, who come here to train as the mainland is way too cold for such activities [it`s not bathing weather but still shirts and a light jacket does the deal, as well as dipping your feet into the crystal clear ocean.]


The food is great, there is a Sento (public bath) and Sauna, as well es direct access to •Y0nama Beach•  where (again a big plus for off-season holidays) you have all the good view for you alone.  The resort itself is located right next to the airport (and within walking distance in case you don’t feel like renting a car) whereas the “city center” is on the east-side, an 1h drive through fields of sugar cane and bull farms [2 landmarks] of this island. There you can enjoy delicious food in Izakayas, and for the penny pinchers you got some Family Marts as well.

We actually spent a great day at one of the sightseeing spots called “Spectacles Rock”  I was more than surprised with the actual impact this place had on me. Not only have we been the only ones there, but the washed-out cliff scenery was more than stunning.
» Strange plants, mysterious shells, heart-shaped waterholes, and the feeling of being a superhero  ↔ I do love to talk but I believe pictures might deliver the message better:

I know my pictures might represent maybe 30% only of its actual “impact” —- I mean, hello!? You are practically sitting on a tiny island within the big blue ocean (well,  it`s maybe just me, who grew up in southern Germany, to develop such feelings)


I could sit and sit and stare at the ocean.
Listening to the sound of  waves as they come and go.
» Damn, this is LIFE !!!«

Travel – Germany 2.0

tokuno014For those who might not have read about it yet. Me and my husband were in Germany (to show him my home country and introduce him to my family at least once) so that post is quite ′touristy′ showing him around . I had to go back home [the same year] once more, staying for quite a long time…

My grandma has early stages of Alzheimer¹ and it was more like a –work trip– than real relaxing holiday. But I do enjoy my home country [at least for a short time it is bearable] sadly in May it has still been freaking cold and this time in October, even more. I basically went back to basic there so pictures are limited. One “new place I discovered `[thanks to my lil bro’s moving house] is here – Donau (danube) -River the biggest Plus of southern Germany  -NATURE – (right beside you or direct access anytime) And the air is like fresh as a newborn.

It is one of my goals in life to at least have enough money to maintain this “jumping countries” – it keeps me mentally stable and friendships can stay alive. Though, sometimes… it is hard to be a homeless parasite, all traveling.  • I feel so comfortable everywhere, but only over a short period of time. There is this urge to not settle down, keep moving……money runs low so I worry if I end up as a depressed social welfare street whore. Nobody knows, but as long as my purse says –do it I’ll never stop moving, ever !


¹ She still knows how to enjoy life and we keep “drinking” our daily share of high% (Germany is well known for liquor made of fruits! Totally worth buying!)  

Sidenote: In Bavaria this culture is called “schapsln” (the word itself is the -verb- of  Schnaps = liquor and means “to drink Schnaps” – but it is more an expression of “feeling” -enjoying this heartwarming drink together with family or friends as an act of sharing a tiny little moment where all sorrows and worries vanished and people enjoying the mere -being together-   [thus it already implies that it has nothing to do with  “drinking/getting drunk”]