Travel – Korea 2018


This time for my brother in law’s wedding. So this post is really short, as was our trip (weekend).  If you’ve read my blog about our wedding, then simply exchange groom & bride and location and you got this months wedding. [in Korea weddings are to make money, less about “celebrating” something, which makes them so repetitive in style]

A nice treat – when being in Korea – are the cafes. This time we went big and got these

mouth watering eyecandies

[Cafe Osulloc, Seoul]


Shinokubo Weekend


An interesting place to go in Tokyo is a small area called “Shinokubo”  [betterknown as Korea-Town]

If you have been to Korea you will realize it has certain overpriced, cute, wanna-be-like, korean flair and it is a cheap way if you calculate in “flighttickets” [Though flight tickets from Tokyo to Busan can be as cheap as 50 Bucks if you are lucky]

My fault basically was to stroll arouond on a weekend — makes you feel more like in chinese rushour. And a (I`ve never seen them) Band kinda just roamed through the streets, followed by a long looooong crowd of mothers and students. Same goes for the kpop cafe we went, there were only female customers drooling at the cute staff (which were obviously male!)

Iced, Spicy Sashimi Salad

After a lot of “town” stress, we managed to find a nice restaurant a bit off-site, and yes, now I did feel like in Korea ( my friends and boyfriend are korean so it`s not that difficult of a task )

Enjoy the video at the end — that is totally KOREA *eww* (sorry I can`t eat those, neither does my boyfriend)

[포항횟집, Shinokubo]

Travel – Korea 1


Finally. KOREA!! As I was short on money I stayed less than my planned 3 months. But they were the most exciting days this year.

»Korea is: small in size! – yes.
By bus from very northern Seoul to very south-eastern Busan max. 5 hours. And only 18 € Perfect. From western Seoul to the very eastern Gangneun – 3h for only 16€ by bus. → I love this country. (train is much faster, but a little more expensive)
»Korea is: big! – yes.
Nothing compared to Japan. Houses, skyscraper, roads, cars, buses, apartments, stores, restaurants ANYTHING has –normal– size. And floor heating! [one thing that catches your eye is the very monotonous architecture, i.e. huge skyscraper apartments]
»Korea is: cheap! – yes.
One condition, you bring Yen or Eur. Hourly wage (500 won) is like ..hmm.. about half to japan (1000 yen) – thus items and food are considered cheap if you come from overseas. Sweaters for 10 bucks, food for 5, hotel about 30 and transport goes with around 1 per ride
»Korea is: full of mountains! – yes.
Ever wondered why korean girls seem to have perfect legs? Blood circulation! And you totally do work on that while simply walking around. Seoul alone has so many hills within the city [I would recommend a 2 week-intense training BEFORE entering the country, for those who have ‘sport‘ on their spam list]

»Koreans are: friendly and normal.
No fake-smile “I cannot say ‘no’ or my words might insult the other person”japan-style. They are somehow more honest, make and understand jokes (! ) simply → normal (in my personal point of view) — and we got the best explanation on how to eat and grill our food *yey~* [see the video below]
»Koreans are: tall and stylish. OH YES!! (hotties alarm) Maybe less ‘drama-plastic-surgery’angel-faced but still much more stylish and way taller than Japanese people. If you call Japanese penguins (because of their suit) I would say Koreans are hip-hop penguins with a nice haircut (← oh yes, haircut! I totally dig the korean style, even the chubby geeks look cute with glasses and sweater) and for girls like we are you have the “pants, sneaker, red lipstick” style to choose. Again ‘hip-hop’ish cool. (compared to the ‘I’ve never seen a japanese woman wearing pants’ style on the neighbour island)

»Korean Food is: Spicy and garlic-ish. I would say you should practice at home like I did, changing the level of spiciness every time a little ‘upwards’– then you are close to a “I won’t die nor get indigestion in Korea”- level. And yes, KIMCHI is everywhere (they even do have separate fridges for this mostly home-made delicacy, as it is prep. once per year only)
»Korean Food is: Delicious. And more german-bavarian like than expected. They have blood-sausage ! Actually way less sugar-y as the “everything contains sugar” Japan, and less “need of rice” – as they wrap it into a leaf of salad or simply said you don’t feel like you need rice as the meat and side dishes are too delicious!!

I experienced a more non-touristic Korea as all I did was visiting friends and my boyfriends family. So I can’t say much about pricy hotels or tourist attractions. Some ‘I watch dramas and know about Koreaclishès are true to a certain extent ⇒

• Food is mostly set in the kitchen on the table – THEN the table will be brought to you, i.e. the restaurant or living room.
• Never start eating when the senior hasn’t started yet!!
• And NEVER ever ever feed your boyfriend in front of his parents [yes I admit I watched too many drama and did it and it was a big laughter]


• Staying over night in so called ‘love hotels’ as a single or even with your friend is not a big deal. It is cheap, comfortable, you have everything you need, free water, a great bathtub, and ~~ a big big flatscreen where you can watch dramas all day long!!!


• One curious thing where subway-stations. I desperately searched for the timetable or a hint how long I have to wait for the next one to come. BUT → on those commercial screens you could find a tiny animated train [pink line], with station names below. Thus you could guess how long it will take.

Follow me to the next post about some other clichés that are true and really really amazing ones-in-your-life- experiences


So I`m not sure how to categorize this post. Maybe some of you might know, I suffer from a disease which is called Hashimoto. One of the symthoms is “hypothyroidism” – when your thyroid is not working properly. Actually I was shocked that nobody seems to understand the severity of this disease – though quite a high number of people around the globe do suffer from either the Hyper or Hypo version of it.

You look so healthy” “But you don’t feel hurt somewhere right?
the comments I hear most of the time, when I try to explain about this disease. Even doctors responded to my “feeling bad” with -that’s homesick/stress, you are overworked- ⇒The fact that at that point my thyroid was kind of destroying itself, had been only discovered when I stopped eating 2 weeks, still gained weight and I ended up running to my womensdoc crying about having cancer for sure because of my boobs growing +1 size within 2 months.

  • Thyroid is as important as your heart, without one you DIE!
  • It controls your hormones, which are connected to many body functions (to sweat, digest, grow etc.) and indirectly controls other organs (kidneys) as well as your calcium level and many things more
  • There is no “medicine”, what you take is a “supplement” to supply your thyroid with its missing amount of hormones
  • to regulate this intake level you need a blood-check every 3 months and it is very difficult to find the perfect golden 100% as your thyroid responds to stress and other factors
  • especially when you want to get/are pregnant you need checkups in shorter intervals as it might affect your child (being slow in growth, or die before being born)

Once more what people don’t know/understand
1. Thyroid is as important as your heart, without one you DIE!

2. There is no “medicine” to “heal” — your thyroid is broken, forever. What you take are hormone-supplements to “support” your thyroid.

Here is some lyrics? maybe. I wrote when I felt so down, because nobody understood anything and treated me as if I was a mental, ready to be erased from the normal world because “I don’t look sick” and simply “should think positive and stop eating”

⇒ feel free to send me music composed to this version [I was listening to songs like this one, to give you some idea

Feels like I’m drowning (again, again)
Again and Again (Nobody sees it)
Have to save my own life (again, again)
Again and Again (Nobody else feels it)

Stronger than you (always forever)
Always forever (Nobody believes it)
Never able to escape  (always forever)
Always forever –

You try to run away
A taste of being free
A taste of bitter-sweet
‘ll knock you out, believe
‘n all you can do
being stuck in that loop
press “repeat” (without hope)

Nobody can help ya wanna try? (try..try)
Have the most meaningless ride
in your own most meaningless life? (life
Wanna die again, wanna cry again
Lose control again, turn lights on and off (again)
leave any progress behind again
see the smiles again, hear empty words again
feels like to die again (again and again)
And here we go again

And here we go again (again, again)
Walking through mirrors again (again, again)
To make it stop simply die again (again, again)
Just end this life again and go with a smile again
As you might have a chance
In your next life
to be one of the others
reborn as a