Health – Mt. Tsukuba


Yes, another mountain post. We went to Takaosan (see post) last year during a national holiday…and have learned a big lesson. Which made us go on a weekday this time.

Mt. Tsukuba(筑波山) is located a nice 1 day-trip (drive) north of Tokyo. Even you are not the hiking type of person you might wanna go there as you have not only the option to ride a rope-way up to the top. But beautiful forest/flower parks and a really old impressive temple (筑波山神社) at the foot of the mountain are worth the visit anyway. (We decided to climb as far as we could, but gave up halfway. No pictures of mountain top, unfortunately.)

• To make your day perfect you can grab some snacks at a convenient store and walk around “Lake Kasumigaura¹, which is located on your way to/back from Mt. Tsukuba. It’s Japans 2. largest lake ! Check out the pictures ↓ for a preview and start packing 😉

We had best weather and pics turned out as wonderful as the scenery felt. Totally a secret “must go” for you (if you wanna escape Tokyo prefecture as a whole and check out ‘Ibaraki‘ a little)

P.s. There is a quite funny story about why Tsukuba is so green and full of life, while Fujisan is cold and deserted. Check it out – history can be fun.

Tsukubasan[筑波山, Ibaraki]
¹Tsuchiura [ 霞ヶ浦, “Kasumigaura Bay”]^


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