Health – Hitachi Seaside Park

I feel like my trip-posts have become less and less. And it is definitely true.
We do travel less due to some big changes in our life. Decisions had to be made, planes had to be flown. But still I insist on some longer trips at least once a month. So here we go »


There is this famous ‘flower park‘ which tends to be (believe it ore not) more crowded than Tomorrowland¹ on a weekend [golden week being the ultimate long holiday-thing in japan + blooming spring season] Anyway, we managed to go on a Thursday noon instead, the weather a bit rainy too made us have the park for us (and some 10 other people) alone.

• What the park is most famous for are those blue/violet hills – some 5 hectare of “Nemophila². Though, weather was a bit rough, I could take some nice shots But the blue eyes are not the only thing the park has to offer.

I saw poppy in all kind of colors (up to now I only knew about red one, in Germany) enjoyed huge areas of plain grass »« trees »« forests »« bridges »« hidden theme-park and roller-coaster …..PURE NATURE (which is so rare, especially when you live in Tokyo)

The park itself is quite far from Tokyo (speaking less about distance; more about the time you need to get there) but having the sea on one side and costco/outlets/coffee shops on the other side makes it worth the trip.

国営ひたち海公園 [Hitachi Seasidepark, Ibaraki]

²[Nemophila in german is called “Hainblume” (grove-flower)]^
Actually Hain has its origins dated back hundreds of years ago, so it’s a very old word we don’t use anymore.


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