Random – Birthday Bargain

Time to share my
Secret Birthday Bargains

Free stuff to get during your birthday “month” in Tokyo. »To-Do« Download the respective apps and/or register your email address for the newsletter (it`s some work but quite worth it, especially when you live on the budget side of life here)

  • Royal host: 20% voucher + 10% voucher (max. 8 people)
  • Denny’s: Free birthday desert (see picture) + 10% voucher
  • Jonathans etc.: 20% voucher & 99 yen drink bar
  • Gusto: 20% voucher & 99 yen cheesecake
  • 31 Baskin Robbins: 1 free scoop (no additional order required)
  • Sizzlers: 20% voucher (max 8 people)
  • Domino Pizza: free 1.5L bottle of coke (ordering a pizza)
  • KFC: 2 pieces of chicken free (ordering 6 you get 8)

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