Random – Osouji

There is this thing called “big cleaning” comparable to our “spring cleaning” in Germany. Japanese lead a less ‘sanitary’ life as we tend to do in Germany, so the big cleaning at the end of the year here is a must to make those good new year spirits not run off far away but actually -enter- your home. [I do believe if they would clean their houses like that 2 or 3 times a year, all Japan would feel much more cosy and comfortable.]

I finished all before our big holiday on the Islands (→ Start with this post) so had this “come back into a 200% clean home after a stressy holiday” feeling and spend Xmas together (which, lucky us, is a weekend this year – as you might know that Japanese people don’t get days of for this event.) I even cleaned our entrance and staircase which surprised me the most ⇒ “wow it’s white…when we moved in it was black

•This post reminds me of an older one that I recently updated. DUST in Tokyo. If you like your home to be clean there is the only option to actually clean it everyday. Unfortunately. On the other hand I do enjoy our minimalisic lifestyle even more as it makes cleaning much easier.


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