Travel – Nikko New Year¹

nikko00d5.jpgThanks to my beloved husband, I was able to experience one of those famous “Onsen” trips. We left cold Tokyo to stay in snowy Nikko for actually 4 days [and thus were nicknamed the “3 nights” couple, as it seems to be not common at all for Japanese to stay longer than 2 nights (average 1)]

After a long train ride, we switched to a bus  or how I would say to a hell-ride along mountaincliffs – last stop “Yunishigawa Onsen “ . Surprisingly there is really “nothing” as such Onsen-towns are located left and right of one big street, so it feels a bit “narrow”. Our -cottage- was so damn cute and (regarding japanese standards) clean. We had one of those huge 10 people tatami rooms, all for ourselves and we even had a private !! onsen [imagine those onsen, outside..hotspring, stones, and people with towels on their heads – exactly same but with nice shower and in/outside area all for us (door could be locked)]

Typically for a Ryoukan is the 100-tiny-plates course, served punctually on time for everyone. Felt a bit like at school first, but after a while it was nice to be able to talk to so many different guests. Overall there is nothing much to do (one of the reasons why people stay not longer than 2 nights) on the other hand that is exactly what we were searching for


»Sleeping in long, great breakfast, Onsen, take a walk, have some lunch outside, go to another Onsen lobby have some coffee there, walk back home through the snow, relax, have dinner and enjoy Onsen again before going to your room snuggling into tatami.
— Escaping Tokio Level: PRO —

(My 2 fav. shots – hotel and hubby)

¹[Unfortunately we caught a heavy cold and I couldn’t update since then, which is why some of the emotion got a bit lost in this post.]


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