Random – PetMania


I love animals especially cats !! There was this episode of life where I found one on the street. An abandoned cat. I was 8 the cat was 1. I gave him a name and shelter/food plus the luxury-life of  come&go as you like service as we used to live on the countryside.
» when •Samson• (named after the huge bear of sesamestreet (similiar colour and size) left me he did it on free will [stopped eating] he was 23 and I was 30  !! [Though this happened some years ago I`m still on the verge of crying]

My mom found a new cat and we have a good connection but it`s not the same. Cats have their own character and Samson was special. Momo, the new one, is quite funny too on his own terms and though I`m home only once or twice a year, he still makes me laugh a lot and remembers me.


 [He got this –dont touch me– kind of relationship,  snuggeling near me in secret ….]

They are quite similar on what they believe is funny. Samson used to “hide” veeery bad and Momo kinda loves to sneak upon people from behind. That`s why I call them “Ninja-Cats” ….


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