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kagoshima004Our trip back [from Amami / Tokuno]to Kagoshima was by boat or to be more exactly with “A-Line” (Ferry)¹ my first trip ever on water.. And I totally love the smooth ups and downs…..makes me feel I`m sleeping on Totoros Belly

Luckily I could have a glimpse into one of the 1st class rooms. Add a kitchen and you have our 2LDK in Japan *sarcastic laugh* as for me I actually had booked the cheapest dorm -tatami-side-by-side- place, which I think is enough (you can walk around anyway) …it`s like a little hotel with reception, restaurant, places to sit etc. Very comfy I totally recommend the boat trip at least in one direction.

Kagoshima is lovely. A big city but I had the feeling it is less suffocating than Tokyo. If I had to stay for longer it would be on my top 3 list for sure. Why it`s not my first choice might be based on the fact you sleep right next to an active vulcano.  Also, the blog title rather be –24h in Kagoshima

»from ferry to hotel » to some 3h exploring the city » to Hotel / sleepover / and right to the airport after a delicious breakfast.

This area is famous for certain fruits and (as you can see on the pictures) for Kurobuta [berkshire pigs] – they still have a Tram system which reminds me of Germany a LOT. As for the hotel I stayed, it was the first timeever– that I felt like a place offers “european sanitary standard” ; Japanese tend to be quite dirty especially about dust and mold.
⇒ Totally recommend ‘Richmond Hotel(if you are lucky as me you can catch one of the 11. floor corner rooms for only 50 bucks)


[A-line Ferry information]

¹Important: ^there are TWO companies providing rides every other day, so basically you can come/leave islands every day!  Be aware of the ‘timeshift’ as one ride from/to kagoshima/okinawa and vice versa includes a change of dates (made me miss my boat once!)


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