Travel – Tokuno Island

tokuno020Though this island is smaller than the one I have been before (see this post: Amami), it definitely feels bigger. Here, again, I recommend to get an international drivers license to be able to rent a car, which you need if you wanna see more than your hotel. As for my stay I was lucky – my husband staying for business provided me free stay and him being the driver – [Part THREE here]

Many foreigners are more familiar with –Okinawa[the ‘last stop’ of your island-hopping trip] which might be nicer in general but Tokunoshima’s flair is based on the fact, that I was the only “western” person wherever I went.
»By ferry it takes quite a while from Kagoshima and I definitely recommend the propeller-adventure from Amami to Tokuno with JAL/JAC. (“US-President visits foreign country descending the airplane stairs” – feeling included)
Our resort were we have been staying is one of those relaxed “we are all family” kind of types. If you are here during winter like we were, you might be sharing this facility with a bunch of Korean and Japanese marathon athletes, who come here to train as the mainland is way too cold for such activities [it`s not bathing weather but still shirts and a light jacket does the deal, as well as dipping your feet into the crystal clear ocean.]


The food is great, there is a Sento (public bath) and Sauna, as well es direct access to •Y0nama Beach•  where (again a big plus for off-season holidays) you have all the good view for you alone.  The resort itself is located right next to the airport (and within walking distance in case you don’t feel like renting a car) whereas the “city center” is on the east-side, an 1h drive through fields of sugar cane and bull farms [2 landmarks] of this island. There you can enjoy delicious food in Izakayas, and for the penny pinchers you got some Family Marts as well.

We actually spent a great day at one of the sightseeing spots called “Spectacles Rock”  I was more than surprised with the actual impact this place had on me. Not only have we been the only ones there, but the washed-out cliff scenery was more than stunning.
» Strange plants, mysterious shells, heart-shaped waterholes, and the feeling of being a superhero  ↔ I do love to talk but I believe pictures might deliver the message better:

I know my pictures might represent maybe 30% only of its actual “impact” —- I mean, hello!? You are practically sitting on a tiny island within the big blue ocean (well,  it`s maybe just me, who grew up in southern Germany, to develop such feelings)


I could sit and sit and stare at the ocean.
Listening to the sound of  waves as they come and go.
» Damn, this is LIFE !!!«


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