Travel – Germany 2.0

tokuno014For those who might not have read about it yet. Me and my husband were in Germany (to show him my home country and introduce him to my family at least once) so that post is quite ′touristy′ showing him around . I had to go back home [the same year] once more, staying for quite a long time…

My grandma has early stages of Alzheimer¹ and it was more like a –work trip– than real relaxing holiday. But I do enjoy my home country [at least for a short time it is bearable] sadly in May it has still been freaking cold and this time in October, even more. I basically went back to basic there so pictures are limited. One “new place I discovered `[thanks to my lil bro’s moving house] is here – Donau (danube) -River the biggest Plus of southern Germany  -NATURE – (right beside you or direct access anytime) And the air is like fresh as a newborn.

It is one of my goals in life to at least have enough money to maintain this “jumping countries” – it keeps me mentally stable and friendships can stay alive. Though, sometimes… it is hard to be a homeless parasite, all traveling.  • I feel so comfortable everywhere, but only over a short period of time. There is this urge to not settle down, keep moving……money runs low so I worry if I end up as a depressed social welfare street whore. Nobody knows, but as long as my purse says –do it I’ll never stop moving, ever !


¹ She still knows how to enjoy life and we keep “drinking” our daily share of high% (Germany is well known for liquor made of fruits! Totally worth buying!)  

Sidenote: In Bavaria this culture is called “schapsln” (the word itself is the -verb- of  Schnaps = liquor and means “to drink Schnaps” – but it is more an expression of “feeling” -enjoying this heartwarming drink together with family or friends as an act of sharing a tiny little moment where all sorrows and worries vanished and people enjoying the mere -being together-   [thus it already implies that it has nothing to do with  “drinking/getting drunk”]


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