Travel – Disneysea

tokuno060…and there are those days where your husband turns into one of those cute “I wanna eat you uppets standing in front of you saying “wanna go to Disneyland tomorrow?”
Knowing he went there more than once, I didn’t wanna bother him too much with my urge to spend a more than cliché couple-day at this facility.

Japanese people know how to exaggerate in many ways, so do they at Disneyland/sea. Somehow this fantasy escape mini-country has the non-spoken rule of “go as a couple” not only for couples itself but also for friends, families, pets and whatnot.
[At this point I’m happy my hubby does appreciate my against the crowd” principle, which made us the coolest couple with the even better couple “outfit” represented by our 2 wedding rings

One thing which is cute and sad at the same time is his inability to take nice pictures. His smile in reality makes you fall for him within 2 seconds most, BUT on pictures he has this horse-smile….you laugh and it is adorable indeed but… —- OR — his serious face which is like too serious [people wont believe me when I tell them I fell in love with him because of his smile]


»Disneyland Paris, 16 y/o  »Disneyland Tokyo 32 y/o – quite a gap. I was shocked how crazy people are about it and how prices went up (I believe he payed about 7000 yen for 1 ticket) you can stay the whole day, but food and drinks are expensive too. Good rides make you wait for hours, so we decided to go with the flow. And I had even more fun with those “childishsubmarine and dancing boat Aladdin rides. ♥

By bus from our (perfectly located home) it is a 50min ride – much better than train, and you are kinda able to relax after a veeery long –walking– day.


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