Travel – Qilin/Kirin

tokuno070(Kirin¹ is dragon and phoenix` boss  – quite a bummer if you think about the actual name meaning “giraffe“)

Nihonbashi is like  Godzilla in foreigners heads [“the” bridge of all bridges], but easily to be overlooked by residents, who actually cross it on a more regular basis. It lies quite hidden being surrounded by all those skyscrapers, but crossing it gives you some kind of retro– feeling. Thanks to a friend who requested pictures and my favorite cinema being around the corner, I am a frequent “user” so to speak. There´s even a movie about those -kirin- statues, which hide in the middle of the bridge and their show gets stolen by some lions that proudly protect the bridge ends. If you are in Japan, don`t forgot to come by at least once (it`s a nice walk to or from Tokyo station)

• Anyway I believe pictures talk more than words on this one. (My camera messed up the blue sky in most of the pictures as sun was in a quite not so favorable angle…unlucky T T )

[¹Kirin – Wikipedia]


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