Random – Name Change

So after our Marriage in Japan, I wanted to change my last name (family name) to my DH`s.
Turns out this is a dejavú-experience » Embassy and expensive fees all over again.
In Germany, when registering your wedding you fill out the form which announces your name change. After that basically nothing changes, except that you should be ready to move when starting to announce that change in Japan.

Steps are as follows:

Embassy – order new passport (presenting your proof of not living in germany anymore saves you some bucks, but asking for “express delivery” makes it a +/- 0 calculation.) You definitely need express (within 1 week), otherwise it takes too long and you are stuck in even more trouble
Immigration –  the same day (or next) if not they make you fill out an annoyingly  “why I wasn’t able to come earlier” paper like a stupid schoolkid. Bring a newer picture (your new passport pictures also count, so you wont have to run around too much) After waiting like, forever, you`ll be able to take home your new residence card the same day.
Kuyakusho – ask for a jyuminhyou and write your new name into the field (they will ask for more details and change your name in their system afterwards) don`t forget to present your MyNumber card as well.
Bank Account – Bring your previously ordered jyuminhyou and change your name (new card will arrive within a week, you even can opt on keeping both names in case someone doesn’t know and transfers to your former name)

Sounds simple, BUT if you are German (or from some other European country)
⇒ here`s a link that explains the problem in detail
German passports (though law apparently changed in 2014) do still print the “geb. Maidenname” into the same field as your actual family name. Geb is short for -geboren- a -word- that has nothing to do with your  name, pure information. [More than confirmed by the fact that geb. XY is NOT printed on the lower passport line and thus not part of your name]

Problem: Japanese law changed too and requires every “character to be written on your residence card.
Result: you end up with a Name that is not your name

After having a mental breakdown on how NOT FUNNY this is (especially because German documents/credit cards and anything else wont match your false identity in Japan and thus being invalid.)

Embassy didn’t help much and said “we tried to make them aware of the problem, but japan said “shouganai” (a polite “fuxx off if you don’t agree to our laws” )


In Japan (I didn’t know that) you are able to register a “fake name” or say alias, that prevents you from being discriminated (my husband explained) lets say you are Korean but wanna work in a Japanese company so you name yourself “//Japanese name//” just in case, as with your Korean name you might not be able to find jobs at all.

…Anyway long story short (and funny) my “fake name”alias is now my “real name” ! Yes it`s bureaucratic-clownsplay but it works. So I can sign with my alias, I can open bank accounts with it, I am ME again!  *Sigh*


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