2017 – Chickening out?


Hopefully not. And me neither!

This year is going to be awesome!!!

YES  I`m still alive, updating more regularly from now on again. Short before new year my husband and I caught a heavy cold, recovering since then. Also, bureaucracy (again) took all our money and time to get my name-change fixed (see this post) PLUS my husband decided to quit his job (oh, yeah) and we will be on a more or less –path finding 1 year
…2017 please don’t disappoint us ·crossing fingers·

Due to his job consisting of 70% “business trips” I was lucky enough to travel with him for a while, so the next updates will finally be about some nice new places. [I updated some of my older posts too.]

We have to go to Korea some times this year (our wedding party will be in July) as well as 3 months Germany (trial living, thanks to mileage and hosts – as we don’t have money, really!) People who don’t travel always doubt the existence of poor travelers – but they do exist in the sense of spending everything on flight tickets instead of books, games, tv, trips, nice food etc.   this is spartaaa   spartanious  lifestyle¹)

»P.S.   our home is for rent.
July-October [
basically you can use everything. Price will be cheaper for long-termèrs
→ 7500 yen /day –  2 weeks   85000 yen  — as per night so you can share the expenses (2 people  preferred, max 4) we are below Tokyo average cheapest hostel mini shared room in summer is aprox. 3000 yen per person)

For more details ⇒

  • fully equipped, 24h supermarket across the street
  • all day sunlight (many windows (quite rare in japan!)
  • tatami & normal room, 3rd floor (save!)
  • access to everything within 1min-55min (mostly direct)

¹ german: spartanisch = actually used to describe “spare, meager” style of life


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