New Item – Dress me up

Again – ASOS love ~   [see these posts A, B,  for more of my bargains]

This time an actually sad event made me purchase and find these beautiful dresses.
1) the grandmother of my husband died and I had -nothing- black
2) I never owned any dress  (now that I´m married I realized events that require one kinda increased)

ASOS Tall dress, kimono style, neoprene
[I am 180cm, 65kg, size M]  100€  59€
ASOS Tall dress, skaterdress style, also good fit for bigger boobs
[combined with black tights and a cardigan – furneral stlye ok]  60€  33€
♡ Misguided Tall coat, bomber jacket, furry  inside
[I am 180cm,  perfect length!!! and sooo warm~]  80€  45€
ASOS Tall dress, skirt-style, shoulder cutouts
[Belt makes it look like blouse and pencil skirt ]  76€  55€


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