Random – Wedding Photoshoot

So the eager followers of mine [applause for you]  might alread have read the Proposal Post as well as my Marriage Post. So this time I was kind of insisting on putting some romance into this bureaucratic paper-chaos ⇒  Japanese Wedding Photoshoot


I recommend to go to a good place, though expensive. If lucky, you might catch a special sale and get some 100 bucks off of the original price. Nonetheless it is quite expensive [but they do ride well on the shouganai-wave called “well, it`s just once in our life“]
Seeing the results you might have a 1h-singing in the rain, lovey-dovey shooting in your mind. But [to quote the fav. video of me and my husband]  Reality hits you hard, bro!

Usually as the “bride” you get some makeup and your hair done, but as I`m allergic and never use makeup, and my (european) hair is not only short but also too thin, well….long story short, I guess the stylist will never forget this 2h encounter with me.
All this time you feel like one of those celebs, in your white bathrobe, in front of a huge mirror and hands all over your head and face. And now dressing time: Believe me, you all might think a “kimono” is that one-layer light garmet thingy people wear a lot during summer and is the typical image of japanese festivals.

NO! (that`s a yukata btw)

Kimono actually is an unlimited layered-heavy-armour-thing which on TOP has that beautiful coloured layer [all layers down there where white, strangeled me to hell,  I had such Obi(belt)-like thing wrapped around me, where guys would break their hands if they dare to touch my boobs (which as well have disappeard from a japanese H-cup to “nothing”]  After changing you are left short-breathed for another 2h during the shoot, with your “wedding kimono” 15kg portable sauna. Your hands already kinda blue-ish as blood circulation also seems to slow down [big thanks to photoshop for not my face but hands ~yeah]
⇒ Damn, I do see historical dramas with different eyes now….[and finally understand all this fainting. I was close to that …no kidding!]

The photographer itself did a great job, with a `lost couple` like we were – not the least photogenic nor experienced in taking pictures. After about 200 shots and –you guys are so damn tall– (180cm) comments we were able to change again and then asked to a table  to choose 5 shots as a reward for all this suffering.


a set of 5 pictures (all incl.) – 300 dollar, 5h

[Arc-Studio, Shibuya Tokyo]


5 thoughts on “Random – Wedding Photoshoot

  1. Very nice! Wow so many gaijin women marrying Japanese men these days! I felt like I was nearly the first (although I wasn’t) in 1982 when I married on Sado Island in a super traditional ceremony/party. I guess times have changed. I actually married two Japanese men– not at once of course, and our stories are detailed in “The Six-Foot Bonsai: A Soul Lost in the Land of the Rising Sun” (Amazon). I was once such a Japan junkie! Best Wishes for your happiness!

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    1. Thanks a lot! Actually my husband is korean. I happened to run into him while traveling and the least thing I thought about was marriage. We still dont know where we will end up (globalization happens faster than bureaucracy can follow up so any of the 3 possible countries puts stones in our ways) @kimono thanks! It was a rental for the photoshoot unfortunately 4h quicky so to speak hahah

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