Random – Sampou Time


To sum up all these smaller walks on our weekend trips, I decided to make a collective post about it.


Some walk near German Embassy (sky-blue pics) and near Ayasae (sky-gre pics)


If you think Mandarake in Shinjuku is -wow- then you definitely should pay Nakano Broadway a visit!  It is Mandarake-Mania combined with food stores, cafes and a market-like shopping street on the B1 level. Anime, Manga, Merchandising…you will find it here

One of the best fastfood curry in Japan are made here. I am convinced exactly WHY the kitchen looks like that makes the curry taste so good. Its  katsu-kare so you get some fried meat on top. ♥ Go Go Kare  Go Go  GO THERE ♥



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