Travel – Germany


Some belated update on our first trip  to germany together. As you all might know in Japan “holiday” is limited, so  while I had some weeks at home,  he only could get 6 days. And we all know 6 days – germany – definitely not enough. Especially when the purpose of visit is getting to now our family and jetlag is kinda all over you.


It was a big act for me (and I dont talk about the enormous amount of money he spent for a simple 6 day trip during golden-week-rush-hour), the ultimate proof that this man really wants to marry me. Not speaking any german, he managed well and captured the hearts of everybody. In the end I was told this guy is too good for me [interpretation: go girl and marry him]

My home-area is munich and bavarian forest, national park. That`s why you might see a lot of green. But less blue, as we were in Germany. About 70% of the year sky is grey or cloudy.

⇒ And following you will find the “what a korean finds interesting in Germany, which is totally soooo normal for me to see, that I`m really kind of surprised by his pictures” – collection.


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