Random – Dust in Tokyo


Okay, so the most annoying thing about this city is my new best friend DUST.  [The picture you see was taken 10h after cleaning, overnight!]  There are many blog-posts about this new friend and how you are able to get rid of it. So I decided on writing about the thruth:

  • You cannot get rid of him! (All you can try is to be his friend, especially with Tatami)
  • Dust in Japan is like huge, long, visible! and doesn`t care about any spray you used

So based on 1 year far more years by now in Tokyo I could ease down my anger by the following:

–  As in Japan people dry their clothes outside. CLOSE YOUR WINDOWS on LAUNDRY-DAYS [and try to wash during days and hours where your neighbors don’t !]
USE COIN DRYER instead of hanging your laundry outside
– Reduce your interior to as much limited surface as possible [get racks with doors, oshi-ire clothes storage etc.]
– Wipe with a slightly wet cloth all surfaces EVERY 2nd Day
– Use a Anti-Static Spray (100 yen shop)  to avoid pictures like above on your TV, PS3 etc.
Once a week do these steps (especially if you have tatami) dustsheet, hover, wipe ground again with a wet cloth, use hand vacuum cleaner for corners, wipe again with a dry cloth and finally finish off with those sticky-paper-roller for tatami areas.
– If  possible get -dust blocker-nets for your balcony door and windows
BEST THING I EVER BOUGHT  anti-mite very strong dust vacuum cleaning thing!! (you can’t imagine what is inside our tatami/futon and pillows every 2nd day)

And last but not least: get used to it!  And never stop the routine. If you are not home 1 week, be ready to find your friend back all over our home.


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