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First of all I`m sorry for all the bunch-posts I do these days, but our wedding preparation is taking all our energy and time. Be ready for the future “2 gainjin marring in japan” ultimative FAQ Post [that might save some lives and marriages]


Laketown. Located north of Tokyo and about a 1-2h drive/train ride depending where you actually live. [We went early by train on a sunday, where our luck was that damn cold weather so not many people where there.]
You might have a guess about the naming of this shopping center. But the  bitter truth is, the name was first, and then the lakes were fabricated according to concept. That`s why the charme of this place is less “nature” but still a refreshing oase if you feel like escaping the big city for some time. [and there is the “we all thought its Korean, but its actually american” coffeeshop chain called “The coffee bean & Tea Leaf”   ⇒ especially “natsukasii” for me, as one of the stores is right around the corner of our Home in Korea)


The official goal of this trip was buying bras for me at the Wacoal – Outlet!  Funny thing, in germany I do have a “oh that`s a rare combination of cup and size” which makes me finding bras only in special stores with (believe me) veeery limited colour and designs.
I thought in Wonderland Tokyo, where Lingery Shops look more like Disney-Candy-Land I would be able to find some cute stuff. Well, I did – somehow, but it turned out that my “japanese” size is rare as well so there were 2 designs and about 5 different colours only.

But the good thing: they do have bras in my size and they are really comfy. Wacoal is one of my fav. brands which I cannot get in germany. And at the outlet store I payed for 5 SETS! as much as I pay for 2 single bras in Germany.  Happy day!!

My fiancee was with me all the time (motivated by the plain idea of knowing my bra size) and as a treat for all the hardships, we went eating some meat!! Reminded me of my life in Argentina I had [living 3 years there it`s not a joke to say that we had such steak like 8 times a week]

To sum up, it was a –bra only shopping– and I haven`t seen much of the other stores, but it is definitely some change to the tokyo shopping malls and worth a visit especially if you feel the urge to “escape” for a while. Bring a book to study and I would say it is even more comfy than a library especially during weekdays.

[Aeon Laketown, (outlet) shopping]


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