Big News – Korean Proposal

Just in case, I`m sure many of you might have wondered why I disappeared for quite a while and why my posts about cool places or romantic dates became less


I was working hard on a relationship including moving house, traveling to germany and korea introducing us to each others family respectively. And 1 month ago he popped the big question. He even surprised me like hell, as the marriage topic is usually discussed beforehand, planned in detail and THEN they propose, so I didnt expect any surprise factor anyway.
So in case you wonder how a


might look like, keep on reading.

Everything starts with a “Do you have time tonight?” question, and all you expect is an invitation for dinner as always. You agree and asked where you go, which is followed by the mysterious “surprise” answer.

At this point you DO get a little suspicious, but facts like “it`s a weekday“,  “oh it`s 25ths his payday, that`s why” calm you down and you simply ask where to wait.
(He was lucky that his workplace is located in the most expensive area in Japan, so that didnt make me suspicious at all)

Finally meeting at the station ,both dressed up nice (he was in suits as always – I would say thats a plus-point for asian proposials haha in europe seing my guy in suits would raise a lotta doubts about whats coming next LOL )  Anyway – we were in front of the Mandarin Oriental Plaza thing and I was wow-ing on its height (the hotel itself STARTS ⇑ at the 38th floor going up high another 30 or more I guess) So he said like “hey, lets take the chance and go up, catch a nice night view — if we are here anyway we can do that before we go grab dinner
Me following obediently ….40th floor, *bing* Elevator opens and we stand at the entrance of such an amazing bar and restaurant that is quite dark, black, but the glasses, lights and people itself make it bling and shine like in one of those batman or james bond movies (I did look around in case they might be sitting somewhere)

Anyway he went to the entrance staff and was lead to a table and me just standing there not realizing whats going on ⇔ he covered up the proposial thing by actually reserving a table in that freaking star-restaurant (french) on the 40th floor of this hotel…which made my jaw falling to the floor and I forgot 200% about any kind of proposal.

A table for two at the window with enough free space  to easily place 3 more tables around us, 2 people chatting at another corner..and the open kitchen where the chefs looked like one of those on TV —– I felt intimidated, a little scared, and the worste MY SMILE WOULD NOT DISAPPEAR …I didnt want to be uncovered as the poorest girl in town, which is sitting in one of the most expensive restaurants in Tokyo now. Hell no, and as in a movie my wish was granted as my smile totally disappeeared when I saw the menu has no prices at all. (I did work in restaurants a lot, even 5* ones, and I know the only thing that printing no price is simply economical thinking  as you might waste space because of too many zeros!)

In the end I had one of the most delicious 8-course-meal ever (movie-like as it can only be) with portions that looked like tiny little art sculptures. And a glass of the most expensive champange existing (in my world!) Still amazed by the view that could have easily been a cut of the movie “Lost in Translation” he suddenly said  “Hey, by the way I got something for you” and pulled out that tiny black little soft box (which was heavier than I thought) and all I did was hiding my face in embarrasment glancing around to confirm that nobody was looking at us.

And then, the words same all over the world, he asked the big question


I said yes, we shot some pictures, and went home not knowing that this day actually was going to change our lifes quite a bit. It still feels unreal, as we fight for documents and stamps and translations since then — but we are 2 foreigners in Japan, that alone is not easy. No matter  where you might be in this world.

So this is it. A proposal is movie-like. The following process until you actually can sign papers, and the signing itself are scenes rarely shown in movies, why? Because its troublesome and the least romantic I can imagine. (Even signing is just signing as people dont get a day off for this day, simply a “do it fast and come back to the office!!” style of thing.)


— if you are curious about marriage in Japan(Asia) and actually marrige as 2 foreigners in Japan I will write another post about it —-

[Signature (French Restaurant) Mandarin Oriental, Tokyo]


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