Shinokubo Weekend


An interesting place to go in Tokyo is a small area called “Shinokubo”  [betterknown as Korea-Town]

If you have been to Korea you will realize it has certain overpriced, cute, wanna-be-like, korean flair and it is a cheap way if you calculate in “flighttickets” [Though flight tickets from Tokyo to Busan can be as cheap as 50 Bucks if you are lucky]

My fault basically was to stroll arouond on a weekend — makes you feel more like in chinese rushour. And a (I`ve never seen them) Band kinda just roamed through the streets, followed by a long looooong crowd of mothers and students. Same goes for the kpop cafe we went, there were only female customers drooling at the cute staff (which were obviously male!)

Iced, Spicy Sashimi Salad

After a lot of “town” stress, we managed to find a nice restaurant a bit off-site, and yes, now I did feel like in Korea ( my friends and boyfriend are korean so it`s not that difficult of a task )

Enjoy the video at the end — that is totally KOREA *eww* (sorry I can`t eat those, neither does my boyfriend)

[포항횟집, Shinokubo]


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