New Item – Playsuit 2

I love ASOStall, I love Playsuits (see this post )…so this time I needed one for the hot office-days   →

ASOS Tall  playsuit grid-print black/white
[I am 180cm, 67kg, size M (Model is 180/S)]   75€  21€ 

(p.s. this one is a bit tricky, there are no bottons in front, but a simple closing at the waistline which makes it look like a “belt”   so if you have big boobs like I do you might want to be extra careful when you bend over or you simply wear sexy underwear 😉  →

And here we go, as we are all no modelsreal life result
(remember I am size M the model S, but same height, 5.11 or say 180 ,
and my boobs are like “present” not as non-existend as on a models body)



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