Sakura – The Cherry Bitch


I was thinking of avoiding a Sakura post as the internet is full of them. But I thought at least I should share my personal experience with this tree. Especially as some interesting trivia came up during this time.

After a long night at a pub [ working !! ] I made it to Shinjuku Goen the next morning.
Octoberfest-feeling 200% (but kinda more organized than the original from munich)
Hordes of people wandering to the park, and oh !? what is that?! Even the park had those IC-Card Scanners which you usually find in subwaystations (our only luck that day was the weather – quite rainy so not as crowded as during 6pm rush-hour-limited-sale kinda thing)


We all know japanese people go with the flow of nature…and they defenitely know how to commercialize every season (We even had Sakura BEER at our pub)  Anyway I feel it`s all a bit superficial and my impression of japanese people is that they try hard to get along with alcohol, but it doesnt “suit” them. When I see japanese people drinking alcohol it always makes me feel like in a wrong movie. Like an Angel who has piercings or my grandmother with blue hair.  [Talking about blue, oh god, who the hell decided that those “sakura-viewing-sit-down-mats” have to be bright BLUE!! It destroys all the beautiful scenery and…well...]

…..back to Sakura. To answer the one and only big question of foreigners:

“There are millions of Sakura but no Cherry !? What happened?”

  • First: Yes, Sakura commercialization goes hand in hand with using the blossoms to create flavor, colour and decoration for any kind of products (see the starbucks cake)
  • Second: It`s a kind of cherry which mostly doesnt produce any fruit.…a cherry bitch if you want. So you get totaly turned on and take pictures, soak it up and after 2 weeks it`s over, and you go home like *duh~~*

2016-03-20 17.41.25

[Sidenote: Cherrys are actually the diamonds of fruits in Japan totally rare and expensive!! You can go and pick some in Yamanashi prefecture if you want 😉 ]


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