A Drive to Ibaraki


Ibaraki sounds like –far away– but as prefectures are quite huge and we happen to live close to Ibaraki-ken it is simply a normal day-drive.

Drives in Japan are supposed to be really just –drives– I had to learn. And the stop is not the goal to where you actually drive to, but more those gas-stations and convenient stores on the road.  It´s nontheless a lot of fun (especially when you don`t have to drive and are able to enjoy the scenery)

[Sidenote: Wind is this areas plus point. Surfers Paradise]

This shop, at first sight, made me feel like I should never enter, and if I do, then better not go to the toilet or peek through the back-door [where I already imagined all kind of Yakuza playing with their knifes, while having a toothpick between their lips]
But my boyfriend actually made the scenario in my head go poof with one simple sentences

this shop is same as all those in Tokyo, but you don`t realize it because in Tokyo there is no space in between— Tokyo feels big, but its more like a Lego, of such shops!
⇒ LEGO! Yes, Tokyo is defenitly a big fat Transformer-Style Lie which “seems” big, but actually is just a game of Lego *haha*

Our stomache then made us go in there, and what we got is real fresh and so [swearword]-cheap but delicious sashimi!!  I recommend this place to everyone who happens to have a chance to go there.

[Shokusaikan; 食彩館, Ibaraki ]


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