Travel – Korea 2

Part two on my short stay in Korea. If you missed part one – follow the link.


First of all the cliché-check: [or jump to the trip here]

»’Couple-Things’ to do/see/experience are ever.y.where! Litteraly!! And so do couples itself. [I understand my single-eonni who kinda is dieing in seoul, alone….no escape]
So I guess I was lucky to have a boyfriend, who actually was with me in Korea. (Thank you, oppa! )

»Cafes – they love it, we say. They love it, you will see! Everywhere, open until late night. Even inside car-shops or other let’s say ‘strange‘ locations. But cafe is good, and as mentioned before less expensive than other countries.
» One curious thing, totally drama-like, is – it happens a lot that you have cafes and restaurants for you alone (and maybe 3 other people). Due to their size [which is way larger than what we consider to be cafes in europe]No.320
» Public toilets – are everywhere too and clean!! big and free of charge!! so drama-like. Even makeup corners and mouth wash after enjoying a delicious meal. [nothing compared to munich, the least non-free-peeing city ever! where the only possibility to pee is inside starbucks & co. – which now require a code to open the door, i.e. a purchased item = spending money = not free]

»My new love for pure frozen water is called Bingsu!! Shaved ice as soft as fresh fallen snow– topped with different kind of flavours and don’t be surprised, cheese is actually a popular ingredient and has (against all odds) addiction potential!!
No.310→ check out the most famous brand “Seolbing[we went to a store near the sea in Busan at night, freaking cold, but yes – korean eat bingsu anytime, anywhere]

»Chicken & Beer & Green Bottled Alcohol – again, true. And delicous. Nothing compared to our ‘fast food‘ nor KFC. It is as addictive as nothing compared and I really wonder how korean girls escape the kcal-bombs.

^To talk more about my trip, there was one day where I made my (sub) way [←god I love dajyare (wordjokes)] to the very northern Paju. It’s one of those military bases near the north korean border, DMZ. (and yes, you can go by subway from seoul, driving about 1h30min) A friend of mine actually works for the military and I was able to get across certain –no access– areas. It’s quite a non-usual view having barb wired fences, separating the sea from possible attackers, while driving along the highway.
• And it gives you more the (positive)  (soooo cute) military angel checks your face, looking deep into your eyes and………..okay, as a drama-addict I admit for my friend it might have been less romantic and a normal ID check.No.335

Anyway, being so very close to the so-famouse “north is chilling. We later made it to one of the most famous eel-restaurant in town and then drove uphill to one of the cutest tea-houses I have ever seen. [I wondered how a “military town” might be different but all I could see where normal people, normal houses and slightly more military dressed up guys and haircuts]
Normal tea usually is served in seethrough glasspots with flowers inside and as a sidedish you’ll get some grilled rice-cake, which comes with honey → “honey’s brother” as I was told. We later looked it up and it really was called “*following soon*“

I experienced one more great ‘it’s like in a movie‘ – trip, when I went to Chuncheon (located some 3h east of seoul) It has this famous dam on the mountain. We went there by car: total darkness, just us and the car lights, up on a steep mountain road, the dam closed but we kinda jumped over the gate and there it was – this totally spectacular fullmoon, black night scenery which you actually might have experienced while reading that book titled Villain” by Shuichi Yoshida[ ‘…and ends up violently throwing her out of his car on an isolated mountain road, leaving her stranded in the middle of the night.’]

And last but not least (actually it was the best day) there was this 24-dating-day with my boyfriend. YES; korean guys know how to treat girls! There was delicious food, holding-hands walks, ice-skating rink, shoppingcenter fun (see the cinderella stairs-video), sweet snacks, cinema! (with a huge sledge inside, and yes, I rode it. twice!!) star-wars is back woot woot and a delicious dinner.

There is so much more to talk about

  • the day with my eonni (actually the two days)
  • the couple-ring experience [yes I bought one for my guy haha]
  • the delicious food I ate
  • kakaotalk jewelry
  • street food and modern pyojangmacha (!! they are with a roof now and quite cozy)
  • roof gardens on shopping malls
  • colorful bridges
  • beaches and sea
  • angel wings
  • enormous skyscraper for the top VIP class
  • a.s.o.

⇒ So my last words. GO if you have the chance and experience it yourself!!


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