Travel – British Airways

[as a side note, I used to work at a callcenter as product specialist for GAMES! Helping people in 3 languages around the globe. Believe me I know how customers can be, especially when we are not able to help. BUT no matter how much you hate that job (which I didn’t) as a customer I insist on human replies; an email that answers the questions I asked and that adresses me properly. Solution or not, this is just doing -service- and as I considered myself as “customer” I was hoping to get some answers at least from that so called customer service in UK]

As a calm and peace-loving person I’m usually never as angry and annoyed as British Airways made me. So I decided to write this post for those who don’t know how NOT customer friendly their service is. I will make it short:

  • They lost my suitcase.
  • At the airport I was served with 1 sentence “your suitcase didn’t make it. We’ll deliver it asap
  • After 4 DAYS (FOUR!) I got it delivered to my home address, packed into a cardboardbox  Reason: All wheels and plastic were totally broken [I admit it was an old suitcase but until I handed it over to the airline in Japan it was totally fine]
  • After writing to Customer Service asking for replacement they forwarded me to an external company which seems to handle suitcase problems for them. In UK!
  • They proposed a replacement suitcase, but the dimensions where too big and I would not be able to use it for my flights
  • I proposed another suitcase (same price range) but they said I would have to pay 20 pounds extra and insisted on getting my credit card details+security code
  • As I don’t have creditcard all I got was the credit card requests in robot-like emails
  • I complained back at BA-Customer Service again
  • In the end that woman said I have 3 options
    a) Take the suitcase they propose
    b) Pay the 20 bucks and get the one I want
    c) Get 60 pounds to my account

⇒ Problem

a) dimensions are too big
CS-Answer “okay, whatever so you reject the suitcase we propose”
b) I wanna pay but dont have credit card, can’t I transfer the money to you?
CS-Answer “first of all it is a normal proceidure to get all your credit cardinfo,  which also asks for the security code, and if you don’t have a credit card, well then I’m sorry for you. Transfering money to us is impossible.

c) all I was left with is to get cash — and I got not 60 pounds but 60€ (total fraud)

⇔ so I suppose
a) that dubious K2 company has a contract with some suitcase retailer and hands out only those suitcases.
b) their service is robot-like, there was no explanation on the 3rd option to get money from them
c) if they want your money you are not able to get any bank info from them
they insist on getting your credit card details + security code through EMAIL! (which century do they live in??) PLUS if you don’t have a credit card they force you to take their money which is around HALF of the value of your new suitcase they would give to you

This is the real conversation, there was no reply after that. I had to handle it through the BA CS by phone.





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