Xmas in Japan


I guess this is the ultimate xmas post ever. Though I felt like in no xmas mood at all. Japan is full of xmas specials regarding food and decoration. But you don’t hear xmas songs nor had some snow (it was way too warm) also [in contrast to korea where they do have holidays like we do] in Japan it is a regular working day.…until new year.

Nonetheless, being german, I felt like I had to come up with a certain xmas feeling which is why I convinced my boyfriend to preorder one of those xmas cakes while I prepaired some chicken menue and decoration. As he had a regular working day with another  one following, our “xmas” was just some 3hours from 9-12 pm.


It was nothing compared to Germany. It felt like Tokyo tries hard to be –western– but has no feeling for the religious “silent night, being with beloved people” thing. It is interesting to see but it doesn’t fit to this country. And actually all the xmas promotions where a bit too much.

As for this one I cannot deny my homecountry and would say I do prefer German-Xmas.


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