Kiba & Kiyozumi Part 2


In contrast to our first park (see this post on Kiba Park) Kiyosumi is the total opposite [you have to pay about 300yen to enter]

• very old
• very stereotypical
• very japanese

But really nice. And bigger than expected. It is a great location to escape the city, read a book on the tables and benches provided. And all surrounding you are different kinds of birds, ducks and other flying animals. Plus, at that time of the year: the last glimpse of autum coloured trees. ⇒  Simply beautiful.

One scary thing and not suitable for everyone might be those stone-steps to cross the water. Which are really simple stones, no fence no nothing. [recommendation: bring your boyfriend or lover – best “hold my hand” chance ever ❤ ]


And as I mentioned in my first post one big reason why I fell in love with my boyfriend is his humor. Even it is a “that wasn’t supposed to be funny” situation like we had in the park, where I decided to record a little video and he, unaware of the situation, suddenly asked me “why do you think is birds poo actually always white?” – my reply half laughing half talking “I`m not sure, know..I`m filming” – unforgettable memories.

[Kiosumi Park – Tokyo]


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