Kiba & Kiyozumi Part 1

Due to my flight back to Korea and then Germany I was too busy to post anything. Sorry for the long wait.

so this is it – my last walk of this mind blowing year 2015. It was a perfect blue-sky-sunny-sunday that I simply had to go out, though my energy level that day was quite low.
We decided to take an easy route:  ⇒ Non-stop subway, then walking about 1.5h around 2 parks and then take the same subway back home after heating up at some coffe shop [ despite the blue sky and sunshine it was freaking cold and once again I praised my lovely black undershirt labeled ‘uniqlo heat-tech‘ ]

I love the area were those 2 parks are located at. It is “my hood” – downtown Tokyo, Sumida. The little ‘island’ between two rivers near the sea. East-coast feeling [cross your fingers that I can convince my boyfriend to escape Shibuya with me]

We actually underestimated the cold and bought some hot canned coffee and tea at a 7/11 [finally I unerstand why those places are named -convenience stores- in english]

Kiba park is huge and it is worth to enter a little building just before crossing the enormous bridge. There we not only could warm up a little bit, but also found an interesting set of wooden bowls – labeled with the actual tree they are made of.


And once again I was surprised how easy it is to ‘escape‘ within Tokyo ⇔ • Baseball playing kids and their trainers  •  daddys that carry their baby for a walk  •  Moms that talk with grannys about next weeks plans. Oh, and btw on the other side of the bridge you will actually find MO+ (museum of contemporary art tokyo), don’t hesitate to enter as the hall outside is free of charge. While heating up once more there (yes, it was really cold that day) we were sitting on funny chairs, debating about IF this statue would fit into our imaginary villa or not.

→ at that point I want to mention my boyfriends humor. Which is great and one biiig reason why I fell in love with him. I totally go for “double meaning” intelligent jokes, as one of the following. When passing by those 3 children he said, with a total serious voice “21st century boys”on one hand mentioning the sad fact that children are actually inside a musuem but all they do is looking at their smartphones. And on the other hand referring to the manga 21. Centeruy boys where you could see those little boys stick together all the time. — jokes explained kinda lose their fun but I hope you understand what my actualy point was.

See this post for Part 2 of my -last walk in 2015-

[Kiba Park – Tokyo ]


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