Random – Temples & Enoshima


Day 2 of guiding my friend through Japan (here is Part 1) – luckily that day was sunny and hot, perfect for going to Kamakura and Enoshima Island to escape the city and travel back in time.
I already made a  Kamakura/Enoshima post but actually I never got to see the “touristic” side of those places. It’s located only about 1h from Tokyo. Pefect 1-day trip.

• Kamakura has too many Temples and Shrines to see in 1 day (as it was the seat of regency during the same named Kamakura-Period in Japanese history) So we simply started from north 1 station before Kamakura-Eki and kept walking towards the beach, following other tourists its easy to keep track and not get lost.

Japan is quite crowded during November, as you can see the leaves turning its colours to beautiful red, yellow rainbows. And there are some national holidays, too.

 • Enoshima, again, this time tourist-style. It is free, as long as you keep walking on your own legs. You have to pay for riding the elevators (yes, there are elevators on the island) and entering a garden as well as going up the lighthouse cost you some bucks [which might be nice in summer, but for now we stuck to the “free” version]

The view and air are amazing – if you wanna escape a busy city like Tokyo, 1600 yen and you are able to do so on your own island, literally.

By the way – THIS  600px-Mitsuuroko.svg.png is a lot to be seen everywhere in Kamakura. It’s not a secret gaming addiction  (ref. Zelda) but the crest of ‘Houjo Family’ (a powerful family during the reigning period back in 1200) 🙂

Here is Part 1 of the tour — see this post for our next day 3


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