Random – Kawaguchiko, Fujiyama

This is  Part 3 of my tour-guiding a friend [see part 1 and part 2 here]KakaoTalk_20151117_214837237
[a clean show with a -stronger colour- filter only, Kawaguchiko, 2015]

Unfortunately weather was changing back to rainy again. Nonetheless we made our way to see Mt. Fuji  — there is the 5-lakes [ fuji go ko ] area, where lake Kawaguchi is the closest and the one with most attractions.
⇒ I`m sure in summer it is great fun, as there are Onsen (hotspring) resorts and even a theme park with rollercoaster and everything. Though in this rainy late autumn weather, the city gave off a certain creapy vibe which I tried to capture on the following picutres

 • Riding a train might be possible but due to the fact you have to switch line  about 4 to 5 times to get there it will cost you an enormous amount of money. So take a note:  There are buses that go there FAST and CHEAP. About 1800 yen from Shinjuku, and 2000 yen from Shinagawa ⇐ the one we took as it was the fastes, only about 2h to get there. (Tickets can be purchased at boarding. At Kawaguchi Station there are ticket counters though)    “Narita Airport Limosine Bus”

You can take a stroll through the town and around the lake, purchase one of the many souveniers (some might be really handy, though most of them are totally overpriced)  and then ride one of the recent attractions – a cable car up to one side of the mountain, which gives you a spectacual view on Mt. Fuji [they say during late afternoon on good weather, you are able to see its tip — which is mostly covered by a layer of clouds all time]

Going UP ↑ and DOWN ↓




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