Japan – Imperior’s Xmas


A friend of mine visited me (not speaking any japanese) I have been kinda recruited to guide him around some important places. I was planning to make a Tokio-Post with nice pictures, but it was really rainy, drowsy and hands where not enough to accomplish this goal while holding onto my umbrella still.

¬ sidenote: “I want to be a taco” (octopus) definitely

So this time it’s one of  my shorter posts and to not make it totally meaningless I want to add some interesting fact [which some of you might not have been aware of until~ *tadaaa* NOW]

The emperors birthday is considered a national holiday in Japan. So this year 23. December will be my “christmas” as 24., 25. and the remaining days have no special meaning at all. [During Showa Period that same birthday-holiday was in april someday, which became and remained a national holiday anyway after his death. ] And it’s the only one of 2 days during a year where you are able to enter the premises of the palace 

Of course Xmas itself has a commercial meaning for japanese economy and you might compare it to the “halloween” which we kinda commercialize in Germany.  Funny fact: 


Christmans CAKES – in Japan Strawberry Shortcakes & Co. are considered a typical Xmas thingy. And you might imagine their surprised faces, when I am insisting that I have never eaten any cake on Xmas. You can pre-order them, each departmentstore and combini carrying different kinds of style, look, taste.  See this cute post for more pictures.

This was part 1 of the “Guide my friend” Tour  — next part 2 and part 3


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