Health – Mt. Takao


I was able to experience a phenomenon which I denominated ‘the big escape‘  • National Holiday on a monday – Long 3 day weekend in JAPAN


Of course there was no way to find a cheap onsen nearby to stay as all Japan was on the run. So my boyfriend and I decided to climb up a mountain nearby – get some fresh air at least. Well, I guess half of Tokio had the same idea. It was fun anway; the mountain has 6 different routes to climb to the top. There are temples, shrines and I`m not sure about the other routes but No. 6 up and No. 1 down is quite a relaxing combination – you ‘climb’ but are never out of breath [what cost you most of the energy was focusing on not bumping into others]

It was a chilly late autum-day:  fresh air, 1h train-ride outside of Tokyo. Another way to escape the big city and another great idea (most of the trips I went, and wrote posts about were together with and thanks to my boyfriend)   And we were healty but really tired when finally coming back to Tokyo.

Somehow I felt like having been in a movie


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