Random – A walk in Odaiba

this post is the feat. part 2 of my Tokyo Motorshow post. As we were already in Odaiba I wanted to go for a walk, enjoying the beautiful pastell coloured sky and chilly late-autumn air. It was soooo refreshing – makes you feel like reborn.

KakaoTalk_20151101_223513698The Tokyo Big Sight Building is on one side of the –Bridge of dreams– which actually makes you feel like in a dream. On googlemaps it looks so tiny and small/short, but as you can see on the pictures it is one of my favourite bridges now. (⇒ I`m 31 now, and never thought I would have a “favourite bridge”, but life is surprising)


Seeing overwhelming skyscrapers again and passing by a university while walking to the other side of the bridge was already a big surprise, but there is much more :
If you thought gundam, back to the future, state of liberty, mouth of truth, rainbowbridge, university, beach, car museum, ferris wheel and talking vending machine”  are words which have no connection at all and would never make it into one sentence. WRONG. All this you can find within 20min walking around Odaiba!!




There is a (can I say?) life-sized version of Gundam, right next to a huge ferrys wheel [and a car museum where they had a special feat. on back to the future] while heading towards the sandy beach you pass the Subway Station called “Tokyo Teleport” which acutally makes you feel as if you teleported yourself right to NYC, as the state of liberty looks closely over a shopping mall which, when you enter, teleports you again to Rome — blue sky, and an 100% copy of the mouth of truth. And for a refreshing drink, there are talking vending machines.  Hello~ Tokyo


⇒It has been a while since I used this phrase, but  “LIFE IS A DRAMA WITHOUT BGM!!”

Update: 2017  I went there again with my Korean Friend ❤ This time less cold, and a bit more sunshine.




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