Japan – Tokyo Motorshow 15


Guys might be surprised but it was ME who dragged my boyfriend to the 44th Tokyo Motorshow [I love the sound of racing cars more than him maybe *whisper*] It was our chance to go back to Odaiba, see the Big Sight building and check out some new nice cars and bikes.


A great day and though it was quite full (weekend) japanese people are organized and even tried to control the crowd within the hall by holding up signs pointing to the direction we were supposed to move.



Thanks to being so tall I could take some nice shots. I wish I could ride the new Kawasaki or Ninja    outside on such a beautiful late autumn day  ⇒ chilly air, pastell-coloured sky makes you feel so refreshed and alive. It was a blast.


That car here reminds me of this childhood memory – where I used to watch that car which seemed to be alive. [I guess it was a VW an its name was Herby ?] Maybe that’s were my love for speedy metal 4 wheelers kinda started.

⇒  On the same day ,being already there, we went for a walk around Odaiba which I cover on a seperate blog post not to spam you with too many pictures at once.


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