So I`m not sure how to categorize this post. Maybe some of you might know, I suffer from a disease which is called Hashimoto. One of the symthoms is “hypothyroidism” – when your thyroid is not working properly. Actually I was shocked that nobody seems to understand the severity of this disease – though quite a high number of people around the globe do suffer from either the Hyper or Hypo version of it.

You look so healthy” “But you don’t feel hurt somewhere right?
the comments I hear most of the time, when I try to explain about this disease. Even doctors responded to my “feeling bad” with -that’s homesick/stress, you are overworked- ⇒The fact that at that point my thyroid was kind of destroying itself, had been only discovered when I stopped eating 2 weeks, still gained weight and I ended up running to my womensdoc crying about having cancer for sure because of my boobs growing +1 size within 2 months.

  • Thyroid is as important as your heart, without one you DIE!
  • It controls your hormones, which are connected to many body functions (to sweat, digest, grow etc.) and indirectly controls other organs (kidneys) as well as your calcium level and many things more
  • There is no “medicine”, what you take is a “supplement” to supply your thyroid with its missing amount of hormones
  • to regulate this intake level you need a blood-check every 3 months and it is very difficult to find the perfect golden 100% as your thyroid responds to stress and other factors
  • especially when you want to get/are pregnant you need checkups in shorter intervals as it might affect your child (being slow in growth, or die before being born)

Once more what people don’t know/understand
1. Thyroid is as important as your heart, without one you DIE!

2. There is no “medicine” to “heal” — your thyroid is broken, forever. What you take are hormone-supplements to “support” your thyroid.

Here is some lyrics? maybe. I wrote when I felt so down, because nobody understood anything and treated me as if I was a mental, ready to be erased from the normal world because “I don’t look sick” and simply “should think positive and stop eating”

⇒ feel free to send me music composed to this version [I was listening to songs like this one, to give you some idea

Feels like I’m drowning (again, again)
Again and Again (Nobody sees it)
Have to save my own life (again, again)
Again and Again (Nobody else feels it)

Stronger than you (always forever)
Always forever (Nobody believes it)
Never able to escape  (always forever)
Always forever –

You try to run away
A taste of being free
A taste of bitter-sweet
‘ll knock you out, believe
‘n all you can do
being stuck in that loop
press “repeat” (without hope)

Nobody can help ya wanna try? (try..try)
Have the most meaningless ride
in your own most meaningless life? (life ..life)
Wanna die again, wanna cry again
Lose control again, turn lights on and off (again)
leave any progress behind again
see the smiles again, hear empty words again
feels like to die again (again and again)
And here we go again

And here we go again (again, again)
Walking through mirrors again (again, again)
To make it stop simply die again (again, again)
Just end this life again and go with a smile again
As you might have a chance
In your next life
to be one of the others
reborn as a


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