Random – Kasairinkaikoen

KakaoTalk_20151018_192520584This time we escaped the city, within the city. Once more to a spectacular OASIS  – which is called “Kasai Rinkai Koen” located right next to Odaiba, at the brink of the sea so to speak.  I would give this place 10/10 points, if there wouldn’t be those horrible spiders and their webs, like — everywhere ! Every.WhereKakaoTalk_20151018_192503526

japanese opinion:why are you so scared, where there is a spider no mosquito will ever touch you”  [who cares about mosquitos in AUTUMN! god those spiders where freaking huge and had coloured legs…and…Spiders! ]

Beside that, great day. The adventure starts at the entrance of the park with all those -havin fun together- attractions and we actually ran into something what looked like a festival somehow – with the typical food stands and loudspeaker music and so on  ⇒
The further you keep walking on [leaving your new spider-friends behind you] is another breathtaking ocian view-like experience.

KakaoTalk_20151018_192516307Air, wind, freedom – it makes you simply want to jump and fly off over the sea. Especially as you can see all those airplanes landing (over there where 2 buildings seem to kiss each other is Tokyo Airport)  I wish I had the time and moeny to go there everyday (riding subways and trains is unfortunately not as cheap as expected)

And of course after an exciting outdoor experience you need to fill your stomache with delicious food.  The day before a friend came back from Nagoya bringing us some special “MISO”udon which according to him cannot be purchased in Japan.
Curious about that fact, I was asking some friends and in the end came up with the following conclusion:

“Japan is small and ways of transport are less elaborated than in european countries with huge highways and autobahn [ remember Japan itself is a country with like 80% mountains ] — regional specialities stay within the region  + even it could be deliviered to other regions the MISO taste of Nagoya for example is not really popular elsewhere as the people are simply not used to it.”

So having this friend and the Miso story in my head, we were coincidentally stumbling over a chain of Tonkatsu ( german “Schnitzel” is quite a good explanation though Tonkatsu is deep fried) which serves the original version with Miso-Sauce of Nagoya instead of the regular sweet tasting Tonkatsu Sauce of Tokyo.

⇒ I decided to go for the “half/half” — delicious and totaly too much for me
[it comes as a set as usual – white rice + miso soup and free tea/water as much as you want], but I ate it all and kinda didn’t need anything else for the next 2 days.
[yabaton – Nagoya Miso-Katsu, Tokyo Station]


2 thoughts on “Random – Kasairinkaikoen

    1. thank you! the best shots are blind ones where all i see on my display is black color due to the sunlight im still waiting foe the day someone present me a real camera haha


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