New Item – Tom Riepl

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okay, so this time a little family promotion. DNA seems to transmit not only -acceptable visual appearance- genese that let you grow tall but also a certain sense for music.

My brother plays guitar, 196cm
My mom plays guitar, 176cm
I play piano, 180cm

Anyway, please support my …”mom’s cousin”  by downloading some of his music. Keep your eyes open as not only guitars and amplifiers bear his name [he was the first German guitarist to be honored with a signature guitar by Ibanez, he recently introduced his brand-new signature overdrive pedal, the GAS-809 Tomtone (by German manufacturer Rodenberg) and is an endorser for Carvin guitars at present] but you might have heard his music somewhere before too, as he did work together with some famous names 

  • Joey De Francesco
  • Jeff Richman
  • Scott Wilkie
  • Robben Ford
  • Adrian Scott (Little River Band & more)
  • Craig Newman
  • Gerry Pantazis
  • Willie Salomon
  • Lon Price (Al Jarreau, Rod Stewart)
  • Oliver Rajamani
  • John Creech
  • John Cotroneo
  • Red Young (Eric Burdon, Linda Ronstadt)
  • Quintin Berry
  • Danny Infante (Bo Diddley, The Four Tops)
  • Pete Wehner
  • Jeff Fidler
  • Brannen Temple (Chaka Khan, Eric Johnson)
  • Lauren Turner (American Idol Finalist)
  • Lee Ritenour
  • And…Huey Lewis!

⇒ Interview


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