Travel – World War 2

12094784_10207285236867491_6368914350507234818_osomehow every action triggers another one, so even something “bad” might be necessary to make something “good” follow. This is how I live my life.
I quit my job as you might have read in my other post and am struggling to find a new one. For the time being this made me teach english – where I could meet a new friend, which I am really thankful for as we get along so well. BUT the more important thing is, she got 2 free tickets for an exhibition which, when I saw the name, made me speechless – as I wanted to see this exhibition in Zürich last year but had no money to go.

Such ‘coincidence’ supports my believe that you never should stopp dreaming as you might be given another unexpected chance. As well as never ever say something is impossible [being in Zürich not yet knowing I will be living in Japan – I would have laughed off ones sentences “who knows you might be able to see this exhibition in Japan end of this year”]

life is so unpredictable. Enjoy the moment. Remember the past.

The day we met actually turned out to be a time travel to our past, and a reminder that the phrase above should really be taken seriously. We went to a temple named “Zoujouji(⇔ read more info here ) which was on the way towards the museum. And usually after taking pictures you head on, but this places actually does have some history to tell.

  • Not only where most of the premises/buildings destroyed in WW2 and what you actually are taking pictures of are remakes of the original.
  • You will also find 6 of all 15 shoguns buried within the temple and also
  • Experience a sad-creepy reminder of life, when you enter the ‘unborn children garden(where little stone statues represent unborn or miscarried/stillborn children)

As for me it made me realize how easily we tend to forget our past. And how fast things turn to be ‘out of date‘ ‘oldfashioned‘ and thus ready to be piled up and in the end forgotten.

[one of the reasons why I love and support wikipedia – it’s like a unverse full of information – a neverending ‘hi’story – a virtual time machine where shoguns drink tea with dinosaurs, and cinderella dances to the new album of michael jackson]

Anyway having WW2 in our mind and heading to our next location – the exhibition called ⇔ Memory for tomorrow [ Dinh Q. Lé ] – we again were presented with a very unique and personal reminder of someone that shows with his incredible work a single tiny person can have a big impact on its surroundings. I felt 100% vindicated on what I said earlier as this person gave the proof that one should ‘never stop dreaming‘ and nothing is impossible (reffering to the helicopter story)

As he explains in that interview above “it’s not so much about the violence and what happend, but how we cope with a situation that was forced upon us, individually  ⇒ exactly that tiny word explains all. I feel as in this world, every single person lives in its own version. And it’s so interesting and also inspiring to hear about it through storys.

Maybe next time when you sit in the bus or walk through the city, stop your mind and focus on your surroundings, every person which pass by might have experienced a story much more incredible than a hollywood movie. [ I believe that this is the reason why we love movies – we want to get out of our own world. See what others see. Feel what we never experienced — but instead of a movie ticket, buy your grandmother a coffee and listen to what she has to tell. Invite your neighbour for a chat. It will have a great impact as it is REAL]

If you listen to the audioguide some of the pictures will be explained, other artwork can be found on youtube [though I do recommend to go and see it with your own eyes if you have the chance]

The museum ticket gives you also free entrance to the observation deck of the building. See this separate blog post.
[Roppongi Hills, Mori Art Museum]


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