Random – Yogurth Water & Co.

So another Izakya place we went after work (it is really funny at the beginning to get used to all these little shops stuffed with guys dressed in business suits) anyway, we had a variety of anything but this post is more focused on the drinks.


  • One that made me nearly puke, as I was expecting water when I asked for it but my friend handed me over a “yogurt flavoured water” — damn sweet, artificial and I guess americans would love it.
  • Another one when we ordered ginger-vodka it came bottle up, finished as one mix-drink (which I have never seen before) and made us kinda dissapointed
  • The food itself was as alwasy delicious and healthy – sashimi, grilled chicken, more fish, more meat – an atmosphere to enjoy and afterwords you won’t believe its actually only 8.30pm

Regarding the “going home” part I discovered this little thing for the first time. It was the last train to catch though and (not sure if they were too drunk and forgot, or atually didn’t care but) the train was stuffed with guys anyway.


[unfortunately I dont remember the actual location as there were too many shops in that street. Takadanobaba]


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