Random – Gotanda & Gyoza

Yesterday I met a friend, we set our adventure mode to -on- and went into the first Izakaya we found. It turned out to be one of my fav. places in Japan now.
Walking downstairs is typical tokyo-style. And you never know what will you run into entering the actual ‘izakaya’ (restaurant, bar kind of thing)


The one we chose was actually a Kyusyuu Izakya which serves quite ‘karai’ (spicy food) and we had a lot of fun there. I do recommend this places if your tongue is not weak and you like fresh fish and gyoza.

  • The menue actually is a newspaper [I never made such a -smart ass- impression while choosing my next drink]
  • And the sashimi actually swims right next to you when you sit at the bar [holding umbrellas after placing the order is quite a funny experience even for japanese people]
  • They do have many ‘yuzuproducts [it’s a kind of japanese lemon, with a freshness I love]
  • The gyoza are so freaking hot, but tasty. And their bonito is smoked which gives it a rustical taste that goes with the whole atmosphere. [And you can ‘do the meat yourself‘ on one of the mini-stone-grills….well done …I’d say ← that one goes to the dajyare word-joke sektion 🙂 ]


[ 九州熱中屋 – Gotanda ]


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