Japan – Seasonal Change

It’s my first time to ever experience the seasonal change from (my beloved) Summer to (if there is sunshine I can bear it) Autumn/Winter

KakaoTalk_20151008_230244888モグモグ  (⁎•̛̣̣꒶̯•̛̣̣⁎)  夏終わりそうの風を感じる

Summer is humid and so winters will be harsh. I guess I am well prepaired, as I felt my 3 year stay in Argentina (no heating, old 5m ceilings and open windows in bathroom) were the best training camp ever to be prepaired for Japan.

Ξ I remember in Argentina I used to study with gloves on and 2 blankets wrapped around me – coming back home from work or university the first thing I did was jumping under a hot shower and next into 3 pair of socks. I’ve never been sick over there so I do believe cold is not that bad – especially when you get used to it, and see the positive effects on cuddling with your beloved ones to heat up or have much nicer skin due to the cold showers.

Anway I do hope in Japan it will be less windy soon – we do have blue sky and sunshine and it would be bearable IF there wasn’t this awful storm-like wind that is hitting your face at every corner as you walk around skyscrapers. I do take cold showers, but still feel if this wind won’t stop I might end up with a cold soon.

Today I met a german friend from university times (I do love those “see you once a year” longterm highschool/university friendships) it makes me travel time a bit and it’s nice to hear about the others who got married or divorced or wait for their 2nd child.Walking around Asakusa area, we had one of those being-“tourist” days ⇒ 1.90 blond guy, 1.80 blond girl, roaming around omiyage stores [see the postcards post!! Cuteness-Overdose] talking strong bavarian (german local) dialect

Today’s conclusion:  FORGET BIG BROTHERSKYTREE IS EVERYWHERE, seriously!

KakaoTalk_20151008_230244962〣( ºΔº )〣  スカイツリー じっと ジーッ  (」゚ロ゚)」NOOOooooo━


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