Random – Life is a Drama (without BGM)

Real Life

  • I’m 31 y/o
  • single
  • came here chasing my first love (which I have not seen in 12 years)
  • unemployed (jobbing at a restaurant)
  • clumsy but “happy”
  • living at a friends (which is always well dressed, high class and manager at some organisation)
  • my gay-coworker is teasing me but also defends me against my boss, and gave me the
  • nickname “Baabaa” (old granny)
  • I always compare my life to drama and try to find out which role I am
  • as long I have food I`m feeling alive, no matter if my account is back to 0
  • when green light is blinking I say “running sushi” everytime (← insider joke)
  • my boss was “you cannot do anything you are worthless” vs. “—-” (silence) in case i did sth well
  • I never had a job longer than 4months
    ………..let’s stop here 


(and now read the title again haha, surprise~)


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